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CIPC registration process - building a paperless system

The Company and Intellectual Property Commission (CIPC ) have made a few major changes in the past year to help optimize the efficiency of Company Registration in South Africa. The new CIPC Registration procedure is trying to make the start up procedures easier for each and all looking to start a business.

CIPC Registration

You might not always realize it, but the CIPC registration process is setting the standard when it comes to a company registration office. According to a recent survey, the CIPC ranked in the upper halves when measured against other leading registration offices from around the world.

To move forward in any situation, change is needed and that is exactly what the CIPC aims to do. The CIPC aims to be the leaders and to set the benchmark for other company registration offices. They have also become more and more committed to moving away from paperwork and to do registrations online. This not only speeds up the CIPC registration process, but aids in saving the planet as well. This also where Online Company Registration Specialists fit in.

Even though having paper backups have been seen as vital to many businesses in the past, the CIPC has reverted to making all of their backups on hard drives and storing them in a safe place. This ensures that the information is safe and minimizes the storage space needed. It also ensures that it will be easier for the CIPC to find information when it is needed.

According to the commissioner, Astrid Ludin, the CIPC is striving towards a paperless back office. And according to recent findings that was not just talk. Of all the transactions that took place in the first quarter of this financial year, 89% were online and thus, paperless. With this new approach the CIPC urge people to make use of their user-friendly website.

The new and more technology infused CIPC is galaxies away from the company it was a while ago. With the CIPC’S fresh approach to doing business it is a sure thing to be a success. This will aid in ensuring the ease of doing business in South Africa. The CIPC’s initiative will bump up South Africa’s score for having a fast and costumer friendly registration office.

They are striving to become paperless and speed up the CIPC registration process. They are also ensuring that the processes thereafter are just as fast. They teamed up with the South African Revenue Service (SARS) to ease the process of getting a tax number. Shortly, when a company is registered, a tax registration number will also be automatically generated.

The CIPC became a world leader when they introduced biometric verification. This system has no need for any FICA documents to support identification. This will speed up the entire CIPC Registration process. This also makes it possible to finalize company registrations – without name reservations – when proof of payment is received by the specialist such as or

Currently the CIPC is working to speed up the process of query resolution in order to improve client satisfaction. The current trend, as we all know, is that faster is better.  In reply to this statement, Ms Ludin confirmed that it is necessary for the CIPC to adapt to all the changes in order to remain on the forefront of what is happening around the globe. The CIPC Registration process did just that. Registering a company has never been better or faster than this.

There are multiple options available when you want to register your company. It is advised to work though a company registration specialist such as Pty Company Registration, who has a 100% satisfaction guarantee in place. Leave the registration of your company in capable hands while you take a break from all the hassles of starting your business. 



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