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Easy Tenders has joined forces with Company Partners to assist our Clients to become 100% Tender Compliant and tender successful in South Africa!

As an ‘Easy Tender Subscription Holder‘, you can now claim this amazing Company Registration Package promotion!

Package Includes:

  • Company Registration 
  • Tax Clearance
  • Business Bank Account
  • CSD Registration 
  • BEE Affidavit
  • Expert Accounting, Tax and/or Payroll Consultation
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Company Partners offers over 120 Services to help you get your Tender Company Documentation in order  – here are just some Compliance Service which you may need to Tender successful in South Africa:

  • 2019 Shelf Company & Tax Clearance @ R2490
  • Compensation Fund Letter of Good Standing @ R670
  • CIDB Level 1 Renewals @ R1990
  • CIDB Level 2-9 Renewals @ R3990
  • NHBRC Registration @ R3490
  • NHBRC Renewals @ R2890
  • PSIRA Registration @ R2490
  • Construction Health and Safety Plan @ R6750
  • Health and Safety File @ R8990
  • Business Plan @ R3890
  • More than 100+ other Compliance and Marketing Services
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