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How to Pitch to an Investor

One of the most nerve wrecking parts of being in the business environment, is to pitch to an investor.
You know, while you are standing in front of them, they are analyzing and judging every part of your presentation.


You may be the most outgoing person around or the one with the best presenting skills, but when the stakes are this high, chances are that you will be on your nerves. Investors are looking for a business or business ideas with the most potential chance at success. So do not worry about your presenting skills, rather focus most of your time to ensure that you present your business or idea in the best light possible. There are certain methods to follow to better your chances of getting that much needed funding for your business. These methods will be mentioned below.

The Big Picture

A successful pitch to investors does not always revolve just around a well-drawn up business plan. It is about how well you know your business and the products or services you are going to provide. The overall idea of your business should be well thought through. It is also important that the business you are seeking funding for, is relevant to the current market conditions.

Confidence is Key

Be sure that you are confident and well prepared when you step up to do the presentation to the potential investors. Before the pitch, you should think of possible questions that the investors may have. This will help you to answer the questions better when you are confronted with them. It is also important to remember not to rehearse everything you want to say. You can have a few key words to help you remember all the points you need to touch on. You want to come across as knowledgeable and well informed.

The Business Plan

The business plan can play a vital role in the presentation to the investors. Be sure that it is skillfully drawn up, so that it is still business relevant, yet easy to read and understand. You will need to show the potential investors that you have analyzed the market and that your business will be addressing the gap in the market. You should really think this part through.

Do not Drag on for Too Long

Your pitch should not carry on for ages. You should be careful not to have a presentation that is too long or even too shorter. You should stick to the most important points of your business idea and ensure that you give the investors enough reason to invest in your business. Be sure not to lose the interest of your potential investors. If you find that they are losing interest, get their attention back by mentioning all the reasons why your business is the right investment for them and draw your pitch to a close. This will keep them from totally losing interest in your pitch and eliminating you as a potential investment.

Get it in Writing

Finally, you need to have all the data and figures in writing to give to the potential investors. This will carry the message that you have done research and have put effort in planning the pitch. They will most likely conclude that you will have done the same with the entire business idea. Include data like the estimate in growth that you expect, financial projections and an estimate amount of profit you are looking to make.

A final word of advice is to present your entire pitch in such a way that they can experience your entrepreneurial drive and ambition. Let them know, without telling them, that you have what it takes and is willing to put in the work that it takes. It all lies within your attitude and the presentation of yourself.



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