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The Importance Of Your Domain Name

It does not matter in what type of business line you are in, being close to your customers is always essential. This is mostly a very important decision to make for online businesses, but even stand-alone businesses can benefit from it. Having the right domain name has proved to be one of the things that promotes the success of your business.

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Once again location plays an important role in your business. It is no longer just for stand-alone businesses an important decision. Online businesses should also be very careful when they choose a domain name and a website host.

The first decision will be to choose which domain you will use. Once you have established this, you have almost completed the hardest part of the entire proses. It has recently been announced that South Africa will be receiving quite a lot of new internet domain names. For international companies in South Africa, it will still be best to make use of the most common domain name, ‘.com’. It is universally used for companies that do business all over the world.

The new domain name that companies in South Africa will be able to use include the following:


These are just examples of the geographic top level domain (geoTLD) names that will be made available to South Africans. People in other parts of the country and the world will still be able to see them on the internet, but when using these tags, the specific companies will be able to attract more potential clients in their immediate environment.

A general rule of thumb was to always use a short word as your domain name. This trend, however, started to fade away over the last few years. It has become more usual to see companies with longer domain names, or even phrases are now used. The key to choosing the right domain name for your company is to choose one that will be easy to remember, unique and that will describe your company best.

Companies should consider registering domain names similar to their company’s domain name. Some competing companies might try to register a similar domain name to your company’s to cause confusion.

There are almost 950 000 domains registered with the domain ‘’.You can log on to to see if the domain name that you are think will be suitable for your company, is available. When you find that it is available you can contact Pty Company Registration to get the proses of setting up your domain, started.

Having the correct domain name will work wonders for the website for your business. So have the experts assist you to achieve the ultimate potential of your business’s website.



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