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PAIA Manual

Do you need a PAIA Manual? We will setup a PAIA Manual for you according to the PAIA Act’s Auditing Standards. Afterwards we will submit your PAIA Manual to the South African Human Rights Commission in the quickest possible timeframe – according to auditing standards @ only R690! Apply online below.


PAIA Manual

The PAIA Act requires all Businesses to compile PAIA manuals that must contain certain information. If you are in business trading as a sole proprietor, partnership, close corporation, private or public company, business trust or co-operative, you are required to compile and file a PAIA Manual.

The PAIA Legislation creates the framework that gives the right to access information found in section 32 of the Constitution of the Republic of South Africa, Act 108 of 1996. The purpose of this legislation is to encourage a culture of accountability, transparency and good governance in the private sector as well as the public sector. This means that the Act places specific compliance requirements on both state institutions and private sector.

PAIA gives a requester the right to lodge a request from the information officer (head) of a private body. The Act describes the head of a private body as “the chief executive officer or equivalent officer of the juristic person or any person authorized by that office”

In terms of section 51 of PAIA, the head of a private body must:

  • Compile a section 51 manual which is a roadmap of the company
  • Submit the manual to the South African Human Rights Commission once
  • Update any changes on the manual on a regular basis, then resubmit to SAHRC
  • Make the manual available as indicated by the Act, at the company offices and on their website
  • There are penalties for non-compliance – please see section 90 of PAIA, the Commission has not given any fines for non-compliance but they reserves the right to do so

PAIA Manual

Requirements for a PAIA Manual

  • ID Document / Passport
  • Information on the Company’s compliance & history


Advantages to set up a PAIA Manual

1. Comply with Section 51 of PAIA. Having a PAIA Manual allows you to Comply with Section 51 of the PAIA Act of 2000. This is a requirement for certain contracts, tenders and other compliance.

2. Avoid Penalties. If you have a PAIA Manual you will avoid penalties for non-compliance.


Price and Process to setup a PAIA Manual

The Cost is R690 for the (1) Preparation and (2) Submission of your PAIA Manual.

1. Prepare. We prepare the PAIA Manual according to the Auditing Standards of South Africa.

2. Submit. After the PAIA Manual has been finalised, we will submit it to the South African Human Rights Commission. We will complete the necessary forms to ensure that your Application is guaranteed to be successful.


APPLY for your PAIA Manual within 1 minute by completing our easy online application form below.

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