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PIRB Registration for Plumbers in SA

Do you need PIRB Registration for Contracts and Tenders? Our PIRB Specialist will facilitate your PIRB Registration from start to finish to make sure you become a PIRB Licensed Plumber ASAP.

The PIRB (Plumbing Industry Registration Board) is a professional body which registers qualified individuals in the plumbing industry within South Africa. To get Plumbing Contracts and Tenders in South Africa, you’ll need a PIRB License Number. Note that you do need a facilitator as ourselves – we’re just here to make this process easier and quicker for our clients. Apply on this page or call us on 082 380 6551 over lockdown.


Requirements for PIRB Registration in South Africa.

1. Qualified as a Plumber.
2. ID / Passport Document.


Categories of PIRB Registration.

The various categories under which plumbing practitioners are registered with the PIRB follow:

  • Passed relevant plumber trade test as specified in the Manpower training act section 28 or 13.
  • Obtained a plumber qualification in terms of the skills development ACT.
  • Pass the PIRB’s Practical and or Written assessment in the 5 Core designations; or specialised designations (Solar, Heat pump and Gas).


PIRB Facilitation Cost: R1990.

Note that we charge this purely to fascilitate this process on your behalf. The PIRB’s direct application fee will cost you an additional R600-R2000 depending on your specific trade.

Timeframe: 20 Working Days.

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