Lockdown Period - Call 0800 007 269 (Toll Free) Lockdown Period - Call 0800 007 269 (Toll Free) 

The Leaders in Fast Company Registration. To Register Your Company Now, Call us from your Cellphone: 082 380 6551

Do you need to Register a Company with CIPC? Company Partners can assist you with your Company Registration in 24-hours for only R990. We have assisted over 30000 Companies to Register and get Tender Compliant – since 2006.


Our Company Registration (at R990 once-off) consists of a New Company Name and Official Company Documents. We also include free (optional) services:  (1) Tax Number; (2) Official BEE Affidavit; (3) Business Bank Account; (4) Tender Search; (5) A Website Domain and Website Design (Valued at R1290).

To Register your Company in 24-hours you can apply below or call us now on 082 380 6551

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