LOCKDOWN PERIOD - CALL 082 380 6551 (for free consultation) LOCKDOWN PERIOD - CALL 082 380 6551 (for free consultation)


We process ALL documents within 24 hours – here follows the timeframes of the institutions (CIPC / DTi / SARS / COID / CIDB and others) that we work with:

If you cannot find your required service, please contact us toll free on 082 380 6551 over lockdown during office hours, and a friendly consultant will assist you with the latest timeframe.

Timeframes ethics: It is not possible for anyone else to complete your Company Registration (with a Name that you have chosen for your new Company) faster ethically than these timeframes above. EVERYONE needs to go through exactly the same procedure to register a new Company with CIPC and the Dti.

Please note that any delays and technical/IT errors at CIPC are beyond our control. Should this occur we will go out of our way to resolve them on your behalf. We register all our Companies in the quickest timeframe possible. Please note that the registration time periods may vary depending on the workload of CIPC, but the above are the current timeframes for our Clients.

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