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Tourism in South Africa

South Africa possesses a unique quality that keeps attracting tourists in the country. No matter what the circumstances in the country may be, tourists just seem to keep returning for more of the South African culture. That is why the tourism industry in South Africa is so profitable.

Tourism in South Africa

Tourism in South Africa

Tourism is one of the largest industries worldwide. There is no other explanation for it. South Africa poses something different that other countries do not have. Our country is rich in cultures and diversity and therefore rich in Tourism in South Africa. Together, we form a new culture, the South African culture. This is the way we interact with each other and how we treat other people, especially tourists.

People tend to travel for different reasons these days. It was normally just to go on vacation, but in today’s world, people travel for business purposes and many other reasons. Even these business people are seen as tourist, because they are visiting another place and they will most probably buy something during their period of stay.

Tourism in South Africa is an industry that just keeps on growing. There is a lot of people that are traveling within South Africa, but there are also a lot of international tourists that are visiting the country. One of the main attractions in South Africa is Table Mountain. For this reason, Cape Town always reports with high numbers of international tourist in their city.

According to the World Travel and Tourism Council, the Tourism in South Africa industry has contributed about 7% of the Gross Domestic Product (GDP).  The booming tourism industry also resulted in multiple employment opportunities for people. It also inspired a lot of entrepreneurs to start their own business around the tourism industry in South Africa.

It was established that the most tourists that the country receive, are from the African mainland. This was estimated at about 74% of all tourists. The remaining 26% of tourist, were tourists that visited from overseas. It was also confirmed that about 92% of all people visiting South Africa, came here for holiday purposes. The remaining 8% came for either business purposes or private reasons.

The Fifa Soccer World Cup in 2010 also brought in a relatively large amount of tourists from all over the world which increased the Tourism in South Africa a lot. The entire tournament was seen as a success, apart from Bafana’s performance, and most of the tourists gave positive comments and feedback on the tournament and on the hospitality of South Africa. In the few years following the tournament, there was also an increase in the yearly visitors to the country seen.

The government has made provision to educate and to inform young entrepreneurs on how to start their own, tourism based, businesses and most importantly, how to sustain their businesses. This is a brilliant platform to start a new business and there have been multiple success stories since the 2010 Soccer World Cup.

Tourism is an industry that is sure to remain an active industry for years and years to come. There are still multiple opportunities for entrepreneurs to make use of. South Africa has loads to offer to tourists. South African entrepreneurs should just recognize and seize the opportunities to deliver tourism based services.

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