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Transportation Businesses in South Africa

Transportation has formed a crucial part in our daily lives. Not only do we make use of our own transportation, but we also make use of public transportation and distribution companies. Without these transporting companies, there would have been one massive gap in our economy.

Transportation Businesses

Transportation Businesses in South Africa

The specific Transportation Businesses that we will be dealing with in this article, is distribution companies, as well as logistic companies.

Some people tend to look excitingly out of their window when they spot a large transporting truck. There is no reason to describe this habit, but for some or other reason it keeps on happening. This might just be our subornation appreciating the work they do. Whether it is to count all the wheels, guessing what the truck is transporting or just getting the driver to sound his horn for you. What we do not always realize, is that being on the road is that driver’s life, they travel long distances every day, ensuring that we have food in our stores and clothes in our shops. Without transportation businesses, we would not have any of these.

This is, however, not the only type of transportation businesses that plays an important role in our economy. Small courier vehicles, minibus taxi’s and pick-up form a part of this industry. All of them play a vital role in the sustainment of South Africa’s economy.

The director of a well known transporting company had said that starting a transportation and distribution company can be tough. The procedures to get your transporting company registered is easy, but making your way into the market is the real challenge. The main reason for the struggle, is that clients of transporting companies, are looking for businesses with a good reputation. Transporting companies should be reliable in order for clients to make use of them. For this reason, start up transporting companies find it hard to establish themselves in the market.

A lot of things can happen along the way that can have an impact on your transportation company. Unfortunately, this industry is not one of the cheapest. It is important to remember to not ever over indebt yourself while you are working in this industry. It is best to start small, gain a good reputation and building up a strong client basis. In this way you will be able to build your business with less debt and you can promote your transporting company’s chances of success in this way.

There are a number of things to keep in mind that some people tend to forget in the hype of starting their business. The following things are own to a transporting company:

  • Staff duty rosters
  • Vehicle schedules
  • Maintenance programs


These are just three things that can have a major impact on the success of your business. When you have these things sorted out and in place, your transporting company is set up for success.

As mentioned earlier, the transporting industry is an easy business industry to enter. The tricky part, however, is to sustain the business you are starting. It is important to remember that anyone with a small pick-up can start a transporting company, so do not focus solely on the larger companies. You can always start small and work yourself up to bigger and better things.

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