Lockdown Period - Call 0800 007 269 (Toll Free) Lockdown Period - Call 0800 007 269 (Toll Free) 

UIF Claim Status for Covid-19 – Latest Updates

If you have recently applied for UIF service through Company partners, here is an update of the ‘UIF Claims Status’ during the Covid-19 Pandemic.

R30bil Fund. SA’s Government has made available R30 billion to support employees losing their jobs during this financial year, with R10 billion allocated for lockdown.

Your Claims. You as an employer or employee can do the claim yourself at the UIF / Department of Labour at no cost (Call: 0800 843 843); or you can use a UIF specialist like ourselves who charge a service fee to administer your claim. The minimum that you can claim is around R3500; and the maximum around R17100.

Claim Pay-Out Timeframe. The timeframe indicated by the UIF is 10 – 30 Working Days, but a backlog is being created and it may become 2-months or longer.

Guarantees. The UIF Office confirmed that everyone registered at the UIF Fund qualifies for a UIF Claim, however we cannot make any promises about pay-outs on behalf of the UIF.

The information above will be updated as the UIF Office communicates more info to us and as the situation unfolds.

Still need UIF assistance? Here follows our UIF related services which you may still need:​

    • UIF Registration at the Department of Labour @ R890
    • UIF Claims from the Department of Labour By Employer @ R1290
    • UIF Claims from the Department of Labour By Employee @ R790
    • UIF & PAYE Registration at SARS @ R1890
    • Labour Consultation @ R99 Per Month (Special).


More Important Information from our Government:

    • Employers who are unable to pay salaries of their employees during the lock down period can apply for the Relief Benefit.
    • An Employer needs to be registered with UIF to qualify for the Benefit.
    • The Covid19ters Benefit is applicable for the lock down period, no applications will be entertained once the lock down is lifted.
    • Domestic worker’s Employer can apply for Covid 19 TERS Benefit provided they have been registered and contributing to the UIF.
    • Informal businesses must apply with the Department of Small Business for support they offer.
    • If the application was approved prior to the lift of the lock down, the benefits payments will still be made even after lock down.
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