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Your Own Company Website, Domain Names and Email Addresses

Every Company Needs To Have an “Online Presence”.

The Most Important Aspects of a Good Online Presence Are (1) a Website Design To Promote Your Products and Services; (2) Company Email Addresses (3) a trusted Web Hosting Package and (4) a great Domain Name. We can assist You with all of these.

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Our Website Design, Hosting and Branding Services:

Business Website Design (Plus R149p.m for Hosting and Maintenance): R1290
My Online Shop (Upgrade my website to E-commerce status): R6990
New Logo (Custom Design): R1290
Professional Branding Package (Business Website, Logo Design and Brand Designs) (Save): R1990


All Our Website Templates Are Designed and Developed In-House by our Professional Website Designer.

Here Follows a Few Examples Of

Our Start-Up Websites (only R990).

(Click On Images To Visit Website)

Visit http://smilesgifting.yourisp.co.za/

Visit http://bongwedifx.com/

Visit http://manleypakcontractors.co.za

Here Follows a Few Examples Of

Our Premium Websites (only R3490).

(Click On Images To Visit Website)

Visit http://cornerstonetrust.co.za/

Visit http://badulair.com/

Visit http://powerupsolutions.co.za/

Web Hosting @ only R 750 per year, once off annually (R75 / month, 2 months free)


Web Hosting is a service that provides space for your new Website on the Internet (the World Wide Web). Our popular and trusted Web Hosting Package includes the following:


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(1) Free .co.za Domain Name

This is the unique Internet name that your Business will have. For example, Zebra Containers will choose the Domain Name called www.zebracontainers.co.za Your Clients must be able to identify the Industry / and / or Company behind your Website. Our Web Hosting Package includes a free .co.za Domain Name. We are affiliated with the ZA Central Registry (they are the Governing Body for the CO.ZA Internet Domain Name Space). Your .co.za Domain will be renewed annually when you renew your Hosting Package with us. We will assist you with all of this.


(2) Business Email Accounts (Premium technical support for up to 10 Email Accounts)

For a Business to have a Gmail or Yahoo email account is seen as unprofessional. It may even seem like a scam. You need a Company Email Account which ends with your Company’s Website Domain Name. For example: Zebra Containers is trading under the Website Domain www.zebracontainers.co.za – their email address will be for example support@zebracontainers.co.za Our Web Hosting Package includes 100 Email Accounts, and we provide premium technical support for up to 10 Email accounts for you.


(3) Web Hosting Space and More

Our Web Hosting Package also includes: 5GB Disk Space on our Server; konsoleH Management (this is to manage your Hosting Package with regards to Server resources, including Email Accounts); 1 FTP Account; 5 MySQL Databases and 100 Email Accounts (we provide premium technical support for up to 10 Email accounts for you). We also provide you with great educational video tutorials filmed in-house, to enable you to manage your Web Hosting with us by yourself. If you have any questions about your Web Hosting or require assistance, we are only a call away.

We are ready to assist you anywhere in South Africa – Apply below, or call us Toll Free on 0800 007 269 (free to dial from SA Cellphones and Landlines).

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