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Biography Of Page Author: Liam Stander

Position at Company Partners:


How Liam describes himself:

“Passion driven. I have a passion for people and the creative world of tech & entrepreneurship. I have paid some ‘entrepreneurship school fees’ from which I’ve gained a fortune of experience and character. I believe I am called to glorify God in the business world and intend to do so.”

Business Career:


Liam has featured in a series of short interviews on his business experience in 2020:

  1. Starting a Business in South Africa: View Video
  2. Creating a Business Model: View Video
  3. Setting up Marketing and Sales: View Video
  4. Designing an Operational System: View Video
  5. Key Point to Long Term Succuss: View Video


Click here to read Liam’s Testimony of God’s work in his business life.

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