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NPO Registration @ Only R1990

Do you need funding for your business – which is ‘not for profit’? You will need to Register a Non Profit Organisation (NPO) at the Department of Social Development (DSD). This will allow you to apply for funding directly at the DSD and also at many other Government and Private Institutions requiring your NPO Number for funding. We can Register your NPO for only R1990.

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A Nonprofit Organisation (NPO) is an organisation that uses its surplus revenues to further achieve its purpose or ‘mission’, rather than distributing its surplus income to the Organisation’s Directors / Shareholders (or equivalents) as profit or dividends. We can assist with your Non Profit Organisation (NPO) Registration. To start the process, apply on this page below or call our toll free number 0800 007 269 for free consultation.

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Requirement for NPO Registration: “Non-Profit-Company (NPC) from CIPC”

To register an NPO (and get an NPO number), you need to back your entity with a formal non-profit company formation document – called an NPC Registration Document. We will register your NPC and NPO in a ‘Combo Deal @ only R1990’.

Our Internal Attorney.

Our internal attorney, Tsitsi Kinnear, has over 6 years’ experience with NPC and NPO Registrations. She also has a Law Degree from the University of South Africa.

Process of NPO Registration and getting an NPO Number.

We are going to follow the procedures below to ensure your NPO Registration is successful at the DSD in the shortest possible time:

  1. Setup: Our experts register an NPC entity for you at CIPC and then setup your application documentation correctly.
  2. Submit: We then submit the NPO Registration documentation at the Department of Social Development (DSD).
  3. Certificate: The DSD completes the NPO Registration Certificate and a certificated copy of the organisation’s constitution will be posted to your nearest DSD which includes your NPO Number.

Total NPO Registration Cost (Including an NPC): Only R1990

South Africa’s “Register of Nonprofit Organisations (NPO’s)” is a voluntary registration facility that enhances the credibility of the registered NPO – as it reports to a public office. The NPO Directorate, as a public office, holds information about registered NPO’s for the public to access, which increases the transparency and accountability of the organisation beyond its immediate role-plays.

An NPO stands for a Non-Profit Organisation. It is a Non Profit Company (NPC), Voluntary Association or Trust that is registered with the Government and established for a public purpose where the income and property are not distributed to its members or office bearers, except for reasonable compensation for services rendered, in terms of section 1 of the NPO Act 71 of 1997. Instead the income and property is used for “objects / purposes / missions” which are community based or non-governmental objectives.

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