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The Construction Industry Development Board (CIDB) is a Government Organisation that ensures South African Companies in the Construction Industry keeps high standards. They require all Construction Companies who want to apply for Tenders / Big Contracts to register with them. To start the process, apply on this page below.

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Our CIDB Registration Service will:

Allow you to apply for tenders ASAP.
Get listed on a government database and get tender alerts.

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CIDB Level 1
R 1690 Once off
  • CIDB Registration Level 1
  • CRS Number
  • Main Requirements: (1) ID Number / Passport; (2) Tax Clearance Certificate; (3) CSD Registration
  • Timeframe: 1-Week
CIDB & NHBRC Package
R 4690 Once off
Save R790
  • CIDB Registration Level 1
  • NHBRC Registration (facilitation)
  • Free Optional Services Included: BEE Affidavit, Bank Account and Website.
  • Timeframe: 3-Weeks

Free CIDB Registration Level 2 - 9 Consultation:

Sanas Accredited BEE Certificate Specialists

We have partnered with CIDB Specialists who can assist with your CIDB Level 2 – 9 Registration.

Costs guideline for Level 2 – 9 Registration: R4690

To request a Free CIDB Level 2 – 9 Consultation simply apply on the signup form below.

CIDB Fees: These fees above are only our facilitation fees. Level 1 has as an additional administration fee of R450 per industry listing payable directly to the CIDB. Level 2 – 9’s additional fee differs for each Level – your Consultant will advise you about these fees.

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What are the Main Advantages of CIDB for Construction Companies?

  1. Construction Contracts and Tenders: When your Company is CIDB registered and graded by the CIDB, it qualifies to start doing contract work and apply for construction tenders.
  2. Get on the CIDB Website: When you have a CIDB Number, your Company will be listed on the CIDB’s website and register. Your Construction Company gets visibility on the CIDB website.
  3. Database listing: Registered companies can also use the i-Tender service for FREE. The i-Tender service automatically alerts registered contractors of database-listing tender opportunities by email and sms. Construction Tenders are also displayed on the “CIDB Register of Projects / Tenders Page”.

For Level 2-9: Please note that when applying for this CIDB registration number, it is your responsibility to make sure you qualify for a CIDB Level 2-9 Registration Number before we start the process – please refer to the tables at the bottom of this page. As soon as we start the process, we’re incurring costs. In the case where you do not qualify for a Level 2-9 CIDB Registration Number and you need to migrate to the Level 1 Registration Number, the maximum refund we can give is R1000.

Important: The above fees are payable directly to us for the facilitation of your Construction Company’s CIDB Registration. The CIDB’s Administration / Annual Fees per industry listing are excluded. We will guide you on how to do this – it is an easy process. Level 1 has as an additional administration fee of R450 per industry listing. Level 2 – 9’s additional fee differs for each Level as per below:

CIDB grading

To qualify for CIDB Levels 2-9, you must meet the requirements as per the table below. The below are annual requirements, and you will have to be able to submit 2 year’s financial statements for your Construction Company to proof the below (must be signed off by your Accountant). We will also require your original VAT 201 submission and VAT statements for these two years. We will guide you along the way. If you have any questions or if you are unsure, feel free to contact us and we will kindly assist.

cidb registration

The IRP6 is the submission of the Provisional Tax. 

An ITR14 is the Annual Tax submission due for a financial year.

Die ITA34C is the document you received after submitting the final Income Tax return – the IT14 return.

VAT submission for smaller companies is normally to be submitted every consecutive month.  As soon as your sales reach R1 million from start of business, you are legally obliged to register your company for VAT.  If you don’t register for VAT at this stage, SARS will backdate your registration and penalties and interests will apply.

If your Sales exceed R30 million per year, SARS will automatically move you to a monthly VAT submission period.

A VAT detailed report is required to file a VAT 201 return at SARS.

You can register your company for VAT voluntary if you need a VAT number for a ender, or if you are planning to business with another VAT registered Company. 

If you are a company with a Customs registrations and you are dealing in import and export you will benefit if your company is VAT registered.

Click here for more info on our VAT Registration service.

What is a Tax Clearance Renewal Pin Certificate?

The Tax Clearance Renewal Pin Certificate is an anti-fraudulent mechanism introduced, not so long ago, by SARS.

This digital certificate aims to replace the Tax Clearance certificate document. The goal of either of these documents is obtaining proof that your company is compliant with the Tax regulations that apply to your business – and in good standing with SARS.

A Tax Clearance Certificate or your Tax Clearance Renewal Pin Certificate is valid for one year and needs to be renewed annually.

The Tax Clearance Renewal Pin Certificate is very useful when a company asks about your Tax compliance. Oftentimes, before you can sign a contract with a company, they will inquire about your Tax compliance. This helps them ensure that you’re doing everything by the book and that they won’t run into non-compliance issues in the future.

Once you’ve offered a prospective client your pin, they can “live” track your compliance on SARS eFiling platform.

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