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Annual Returns at CIPC

Do you need to file your Company / CC’s Annual Return with CIPC ? We submit Annual Return(s) for Companies and CC’s all over South Africa through an easy online process. Start below or call us on 082 380 6551 – we are open over lockdown.

Q: Why do I need to pay an Annual Return Fee?

“CIPC requests that ALL South African CC’s and PTY Companies pay Annual Return Fees every 12 months. Also, they hereby know that your company is still actively trading and upkeep your information in their database.” Companies who do not submit their annual returns run the risk of being deregistered.


See more Annual Return Questions and Answers below the Application Form.

Price: Only R390

Q: How much will it cost to submit my Annual Return(s) correctly?

“Your CC’s or Company’s total invoice for Annual Returns consists of two fees:

1. Annual Return Admin Fee: The normal outstanding CIPC fees PLUS penalties only if applicable when payment is late;
2. Submission Fee: A once-off admin fee to submit your annual return(s) correctly with the CIPC.”


3 Step Process to file your Annual Returns Successfully

(1) Apply. Upon application you will receive an invoice of R280 which is purely our Submission Fee to file your Annual Returns for 1 year. See the application form above.


(2) Filing: We will file your Company’s Annual Returns using the information you have given us. CIPC will then confirm your Company’s Annual Return Fee, which we will add to your invoice. Here follows the factors making up your final invoice total:

– Years. The number of years for which your Annual Returns are due.
– Turnover. Your Company’s turnover – if it is more than R1 million for the past financial year, CIPC’s fees start to increase.
– Penalties. CIPC will penalise any late Annual Return filings (only if applicable).
– Deregistration. If your Entity is already reflecting as “Deregistration Process” CIPC can deregister you at any moment. Annual Returns need to be submitted urgently to prevent final deregistration.

(3) Delivery: We will process the Annual Return Submission and receive your Annual Return Certificate within 2 working days from CIPC. Your Annual Return Certificate will be made available on your Customer Account (we will notify you via email).


More Questions and Answers about Annual Returns:

My Company / CC is in the deregistration process due to Annual Return non compliance. Can you assist for this type of deregistration to be cancelled?

Yes. If the deregistration is due to annual return non compliance, the deregistration process will be cancelled if all outstanding annual returns are filed while it is still in such status. Please complete the above online form above immediately for us to correct this matter.


Is it compulsory for my Company or Close Corporation (CCs) to file an Annual Return?

Yes, ALL Companies and Close Corporations (CCs) are required by the South African law to file their annual returns with the CIPC on an annual basis, within a prescribed time period. We can assist you with this process – please complete and submit our easy online form above to start.

Why should my Company / Close Corporation (CC) file an Annual Return?

Your annual return is for CIPC to confirm whether your Company or Close Corporation (CC) is still in business or trading, or if your Company / CC will be in business in the near future.

How long does it take for you to submit my Annual Return with CIPC?

The whole process can be completed within 2 working days. There will be no need for you to create your own CIPC admin panel and/or pay money over to CIPC, as we take care of everything for you and make the payment to CIPC for your outstanding annual returns.

Read more about Annual Returns here.

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