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PSIRA Registrations

PSIRA Registration

Do you need to Register with PSIRA for your Security Company to Tender in South Africa? We can assist by facilitating the entire PSIRA Registration process – setting up the application; standing in the queues at PSIRA and ensuring that your Security Company is compliant for Tenders and Contracts. PSIRA Registration costs only R2990 and can be completed within a few weeks.



The Private Security Industry Regulatory Authority (PSIRA) is the Governing Body and Regulatory Authority for the private security industry. Thus, should you wish to start a Security Company, it is mandatory that you are registered with PSIRA. To start the process, apply on this page below or call our toll free number for free consultation.


Requirements for PSIRA Registration:

Please note that we can assist with all the requirements below – just contact us for assistance.


If you still need all these documents – we can assist via a discounted Security Company Registration Package.

Advantages of PSIRA Registration:

  1. You will become a registered Security Services Provider in South Africa. Your Company will be listed at PSIRA as a registered, verified, legitimate Security Company. This will enable you to get security work for which your unregistered competitors will never be eligible.
  2. Grants, Contracts and Tenders. When applying for finance or any type of security work (such as contracts and tenders), you will need to be registered with PSIRA. Thus, many opportunities will open for your Security Company.

Timeframe: 10 Weeks.

PSIRA Registration Cost: R2990 (facilitation of the registration)

PSIRA Registration for a Security Company in South Africa

Our PSIRA Setup Process:

  1. Consult. Firstly we will study your business’ position and advise you on the documentation required. We will also setup the letters that PSIRA requires. Note that the fee payable to Company Partners is a facilitation fee for the process. PSIRA will charge you a separate non-refundable application fee of R5700.
  2. PSIRA Applicaiton Submission. Once we have everything PSIRA requires, we will stand in the queues at the PSIRA Office on your behalf. We will then confirm with you once your documents have been registered with PSIRA. Note that this is where our service as facilitator stops. Only the Site Visit then needs to be done by PSIRA Personnel before the PSIRA Registration is completely finished.
  3. Site Visit. PSIRA will then confirm when they want to do a site visit to make sure your Office(s) is up to PSIRA’s standards. Which means the office(s) must be equipped with: A desk; A Chair; Working fax machine; Working Telkom line; Lockable filing cabinet; Personal Computer (Not a laptop, your PC must be immovable).
  4. Certificaiton / Register with PSIRA. Your Security Company will then become a registered Security Company with PSIRA which will allow you to start trading and apply for security tenders in South Africa.

PSIRA Registration for a Security Company in South Africa

How to get PSIRA Registration for a Security Company in South Africa

This is a quick guide to what you need to know about PSIRA Registration so you can start your Security Company in South Africa.

The goal of this article is helping you get PSIRA Registration – and all the other relevant compliance documentation – necessary to start and run a South African security company legally and successfully. The goal is helping you get this as fast as possible, with as little effort as possible.

In this post we also want to help you understand what you need if you want to run a security company in SA, why you need it and exactly what PSIRA registration means, what the process is like and what it requires from you.

Here’s a list of the PSIRA FAQ’s we’ll be answering below:

  1. Why is registering a Security Company in South Africa so challenging?

  2. What is PSIRA?

  3. Is PSIRA Registration compulsory?

  4. What do you need to register for PSIRA?

  5. What is the fastest way to get PSIRA Registration?

PSIRA Registration for a Security Company in South Africa

1. Why is registering a Security Company in South Africa so challenging?

Starting a Security Company in South Africa can be extremely profitable. With the high crime statistics in South Africa, residents and businesses have a significant need for products and services that offer them security.

However, getting your paperwork right isn’t simple and it isn’t cheap.

The private security industry has an added layer of paperwork, simply because it’s so imperative to offer a level of services and products that consumers can trust. Security is a serious business; it relates to the safety of both service providers and security service / product consumers.

Whether you’re selling security equipment or whether you offer security-related services, you need to have the right registration documentation in order to run your business legally and successfully.  

With a normal business you can usually start trading straight away, but when you want a security company, there’s a lot of compliance documentation you need to have to legally operate your business in South Africa.

PSIRA Registration for a Security Company in South Africa

2. What is PSIRA?

PSIRA is short for Private Security Industry Regulatory Authority.

PSIRA is the official organization responsible for setting the standards for any security business in South Africa – whether you want to offer security services or security products. This is determined by South African legislation: the Private Security Industry Regulation Act.

If you want to operate any business within the private security industry, you have to register your business with PSIRA. You also have to get the appropriate security grading (there are various) for your staff, any members, directors, partners, trustees or managers.

This is compulsory. Why? PSIRA Registration ensures there’s a baseline of standards for service and product providers within the security industry.

It ensures there’s a level of safety for you, your partners and your employees – and importantly, for your clients. PSIRA’s compulsory paperwork stops fly-by-night companies from trading or offering sub-par, unsafe or unethical products or services that may pose potential safety risks.

Security in South Africa –– isn’t risk-free and consumers, employers and employees need to have basic standard they can rely on.

PSIRA Registration for a Security Company in South Africa

3. Is PSIRA Registration compulsory?

Yes, it’s a criminal offense not to register yourself, those involved in your business partners or your business itself.

You can read more about the latest wave of arrests by the South African Police force of unregistered security businesses

If you know of any unregistered security companies, you can report them here.

PSIRA Registration for a Security Company in South Africa

4. What do you need to register for PSIRA?

PSIRA Registration requires your business to go undergo a PSIRA Registration process and a PSIRA Investigation Process.  This implies security grading for you and the people involved in your security business.

Here’s a list of the documentation you need before your business is eligible for PSIRA Registration:

  • A Security Grade B of your staff, members, directors, partners, trustees, and managers need to undergo PSIRA Grading.
    • We’re placing a list below for what these individuals need to qualify for security grading.
  • Proof of your Company Registration
  • A Tax Clearance Certificate, VAT Registration Number, PAYE Number
  • UIF and COID Registration (* if applicable)
  • Business Plan (at least for one year)
  • A declaration declaring that your business will be able to operate for at least the next year.
  • Immovable office location

Here’s a list of the documentation you need as an individual to be eligible for PSIRA’s individual security registration:

The individual must:

  • Be at least 18-years-old
  • Be a permanent South African resident
  • Not have a criminal record, specifically related to the scheduled criminal offenses listed in the Private Security Industry Regulation Act
  • Have completed the PSIRA training at an accredited training center
  • Not be a part of the military, the police force or any intelligence force. Former members need a clearance certificate.
  • Pay the registration fee

PSIRA Registration for a Security Company in South Africa

5. What else do you need to register a security company in South Africa?

Starting your own security company in South Africa can be overwhelming. There’s a lot of paperwork and compliance administration associated with SA’s private security industry.

To make things simpler for you, we’ve listed all the vital documentation you need to start a security company in South Africa, besides PSIRA:

  1. Company Registration
  2. Employer Tax Registration

You will also need UIF * or SDL Registration. 

* If Applicable.

  1. COID Registration * and a Letter of Good Standing

* If Applicable.

  1. A Business Plan
  2. B-BBEE Affidavit or Certificate

According to new legislation if you have a turnover of less than R10 million, you need a BEE Affidavit. We can help you complete your affidavit for free. Call our Toll-Free number so we can support you.

  1. Other Security Associations in South Africa

Registering for these associations is not compulsory, but it can be very helpful to keep you up-to-date with your industry.

You can read about how we helped Elisheba Security and Cleaning Services get started and Tender compliant in only two months.

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