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Client Testimonial: How to get your Security Company 100% Compliant fast!

With the help of our Compliance Experts, this Security Company had new branding media, all the vital business documentation and 100% Tender Compliance in only 2 months!

Renier Uys, the Managing Director of Elisheba Security and Cleaning Services, signed up for more than 20 of our services and within 2 months Renier’s business was up and running with all the necessary elements:

Our interview with Security Company Owner, Renier Uys.


Tell us about your Security Company?

Elsheba Security and Cleaning Solutions and is a private security company that provides services like guarding, electric fencing, cleaning, security, camera and guarding staff for the private sector, residential and industrial areas.


The company name derives from a Hebrew term that means “Pledge to God”.

Here’s a short clip of our chat with Renier!

How and when did you start your South African Security Company?

I worked for a larger corporate security company for 20 years and last year April I decided to leave my job to start my own company.

It wasn’t easy. I don’t think I would have been up and running by now if it wasn’t for Company Partners.


How did Company Partners assist you in starting your Security Company?

Obviously, in the security industry, it’s very hard to get up and running, because there’s a lot of paperwork involved to get yourself registered with South Africa’s security authorities. It’s very difficult to get your company 100% compliant.

I’ve talked to other entrepreneurs who have also started their own security companies and some of them still aren’t up and running, but Company Partners assisted me to get everything done.

PSIRA won’t even look at your papers if they’re not 100% right and it can take months to get it right. Company partners helped me register my company at the CIPC, with PSIRA, they helped me get my BEE certificates and all the other paperwork that’s required.




However, when I started with Company Partners everything they did for me, form the paperwork to the branding, took only 2 months.

I know other people who started when I did and they’re still waiting for their papers, but I’m 100% compliant.


What’s the best part of using Company Partners?

How fast they can do all the things you need. They also always keep you updated. They’ll let you know how long something will take, for e.g. a day or two to sort everything out form a legal side to make sure you’re 100% compliant. I’m very happy with the services they provided me.

I’m actually still doing business with them because of they’re also running payroll for my staff and doing my bookkeeping.

Since I’ve been working with them their services were brilliant and they’re very helpful and the timeframe they took is fantastic.


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