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Every great business starts with a great Company Name! There are over 6000 Company Names reserved at the CIPC on a daily basis. So the good Business Names options are running out day-by-day. The sooner you reserve your Company Name, the better. Or buy one of our pre-reserved Company Names to make things easier (we have some great ideas for you, and they are already approved and reserved). Apply on this page below or call 0800 007 269 for free consultation.

Tips to choose the best Company Name:

Your name must be memorable and easy to look up online:

Choose a Company name that is short and memorable, which describes what you do and/or where you do it:

  • Example: Paarl Swimming Pool Services

Your name must be unique online:

Check if another company uses your Preferred Company Name online or on social media.

Go to www.google.co.za and enter your new Company name in the search bar and press the blue search button (far right-hand side):

Search for your company name online

Your website domain should be available:

At your website domain bar (in your internet browser) type in www.“the name you want for your company with no spaces in between”.co.za or .com.

Press ‘enter’ on your keyboard:

New Company Name

Note: Some companies buy popular domains to resell them. So oftentimes some domains aren’t available but they aren’t online either. You can contact Company Partners toll free on 0800 007 269 for help with your domain name.

Identify your new Company’s Industry:

If your new Company will offer products and/or services in a specific industry, its best for your Company Name to end with the word that best describes this Industry.

Use descriptive words like: ‘Logistics’, ‘Transport’, ‘Catering’, ‘Security’, ‘Consulting’, etc.

If your new Company will offer a variety of products and/or services, it is best to NOT restrict your business.

Use non-descriptive words like: ‘Trading and Services’, ‘Enterprises’. ‘Trading Services’, ‘General Trading’, ‘Projects’, ‘Suppliers’, ‘Services’, ‘General Dealers’, ‘Trading and Suppliers’, etc.

How to Reserve Your Own Company Name in South Africa through Company Partners:

  • NAME SEARCH. Check your Company Name availability by doing a quick search in the search bar below.
  • APPLY. Enter your new Company Name in the application form.
  • RESERVATION. We will then reserve your Company Name at the CIPC within 1 working day after payment.
  • FINALISE. In the case where the Company Name you want already exists, our Consultants will assist you to get the closest possible alternative name reserved. It will basically be the same name. If we can’t do that – you’ll get your money back.
  • NAME SECURED. Your business name will be reserved with the CIPC for 6 months – during this period you will need to Register a Company to make it your property forever (we can assist with this process as well – easy and fast).

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