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Call 0800 007 269 (Toll Free) 

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You will be assisted by our Business Plan Specialist, registered with the NSBC (National Small Business Chamber of South Africa). Our professional Small Business Plans comply with SEDA, SEFA, Dti, NEF, IDC, and Private Financial Institutes and Bank Requirements in South Africa. We have completed over 1000 Business Plans since 2013 – and consulted numerous Start-ups and Companies in South Africa. To start the process, apply on this page below or call our toll-free number 0800 007 269 for free consultation.


Our Premium Service Advantages

Our Business Plan South Africa Service will:

Give you focus, direction and a clear plan to follow.
Help you stay compliant with certain Government regulating bodies. For example PSIRA.
Enable you to apply for outside financing / funding.

Find the right plan for you

Our Business Plan & Consultation Packages will support you to align with South African industry standards.

Small Business Plan
For Start-Ups & SMEs
R 3490 Once off
  • 20 - 30 Pages
  • Professional Business Plan Layout
  • 12-Month Financial Projections*
  • Market Analysis & Customer Segmentation
  • Industry Analysis & Trends
  • Competitor Analysis
  • Business Model Description
  • Competitive Advantage & Unique Selling Points
  • Professional SWOT Analysis (Strengths and Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats)
Specialised Business Plan
For Established Businesses
R 19990 Once off
  • 60 - 80 Pages
  • Specialised Business Plan Layout
  • 5-Year Financial Projections
  • In-Depth Market Research
  • TAM (Total Addressable Market)
  • WTP (Customer Willing to Pay)
  • MRS (Market Revenue Size)
  • In-Depth Business Model Analysis.
  • In-Depth Business Strategy
  • In-Depth Marketing & Sales Strategy
  • A Competitive Advantage Analysis
  • SWOT and PESTEL Analysis

Our Industry Specific Business Plans

Our Business Plan & Consultation Packages will support you to align with South African industry standards.

Construction Business Plan
Construction and Building Industry
R 4490 Once off
  • 20 - 30 Pages
  • Professional Looking Layout
  • 5-Year Financial Projections
  • Construction Market Analysis
  • Customer Segmentation
  • Construction Industry Analysis
  • Construction Industry Trends
  • Competitor Analysis
  • Business Model Description
  • Your Competitive Advantage & Unique Selling Points
  • Professional SWOT Analysis
Agriculture Business Plan
Farming and Agriculture Industry
R 4490 Once off
  • 25 Pages Business Plan
  • Professional Looking Layout
  • 5-Year Financial Projections
  • Agriculture Market Analysis
  • Customer Segmentation
  • Agriculture Industry Analysis
  • Agriculture Industry Trends
  • Competitor Analysis
  • Business Model Description
  • Your Competitive Advantage & Unique Selling Points
  • Professional SWOT Analysis
Cleaning Business Plan
Cleaning Industry
R 4490 Once off
  • 25 Pages Business Plan
  • Professional Looking Layout
  • 5-Year Financial Projections
  • Cleaning Market Analysis
  • Customer Segmentation
  • Cleaning Industry Analysis
  • Cleaning Industry Trends
  • Competitor Analysis
  • Business Model Description
  • Your Competitive Advantage & Unique Selling Points
  • Professional SWOT Analysis
Security Business Plan
PSIRA requried Format
R 4490 Once off
  • 25 Pages Business Plan
  • Professional Looking Layout
  • 5-Year Financial Projections
  • Security Market Analysis
  • Customer Segmentation
  • Security Industry Analysis
  • Security Industry Trends
  • Competitor Analysis
  • Business Model Description
  • Your Competitive Advantage & Unique Selling Points
  • Professional SWOT Analysis
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What is a Business Plan?

A business plan is a written document that describes and summarises the operational and financial objectives of a business and outlines how it is going to practically achieving its goals.

Speak to our business plan writer who prepares small business plan in south africa, toll free


Firstly, you have a clear plan to follow: Your business plan is your company’s ‘roadmap’ to start with. It will change over the first few months in business, but it gives you focus and direction – which is very important when you start a business.

Secondly, being compliant: Certain governmental regulating bodies or institutions, require your company to have a specific industry related business plan to apply. For example PSIRA.

Lastly, it will enable you to apply for outside financing / funding: Investors want to know exactly what your business will do, who your target market is and if your business is profitable before they will consider your application for business finance or funding.


Yes, you do. Even if you think you have a clear idea of how you are going to start and develop your business, setting it out on paper forces you to be more objective and attentive to details. It is human nature to tend to be optimistic about future schemes. However, the process of drafting the plans will help you assess whether you have actually taken all relevant factors into account, or your plan’s success depends on outcomes you have no way of assuring.


No. It is a mistake to think that business plans are just something to give an investor looking for assurances that your business has a good chance of turning a profit. The benefits of a business plan are primarily for you, the owner. At the onset of your venture, a comprehensive plan will help you get a realistic picture of your capabilities and viable strategies. As your business continues to grow, your plan will help you assess whether you are meeting your goals, or a change of direction is needed.


We do not guarantee funding. We provide you with a business plan document which is one of the documents required to apply for funding.


Supplier of small enterprise development agency

Our Head Business Plan Writer is Brend Badenhorst – a SETA Business Facilitator. He has written over 500 Plans for new and existing businesses. He has a team of dedicated Business Plan Consultants who will guide you through the process to setup the correct Plan for your Company.

  • Finance / Funding Institutes in South Africa.
  • South African Banks (FNB / Standard bank / Nedbank / ABSA). We are Official Partners of Nedbank.

Business plan required for funding at nedbank

  • South African and Government Tenders / Contracts.
  • The National Industry Regulator.

Apply above to speak to a Business Specialist today!


Your objective with a Company Profile is to provide an overview of your organization. A biography emphasizes professional and personal achievements. A Business Plan contains marketing, sales, and operations strategies.


While not mostly visual, incorporating graphics like charts and images in certain sections can significantly enhance a business plan’s effectiveness. At Company Partners, we value the impact of a visually appealing plan. By integrating graphs, charts, and pertinent images, we help convey key data and strategies, ensuring your business plan is both engaging and informative.

The cost varies based on your approach – whether you’re crafting it yourself or enlisting professional help like Company Partners. We offer customized services to fit various budgets, emphasizing quality and strategic insight. A professionally developed plan for a small business, around 20+ pages, typically costs R3490.


Begin by defining your business idea, conducting thorough market research, and outlining your marketing and operational strategies. If organizing these elements seems daunting, consider utilizing quality free templates online. Company Partners also offers examples and guidance, ensuring your plan is comprehensive and tailored for the South African market. . You can also view the Company Partners example to act as a guide you through this process.


A good plan is clear, concise, and detailed, with a strong emphasis on market analysis and financial projections. The professionals which view your business plan to make a decision whether to invest or fund you needs to have a clear picture of your trajectory and if their investment/money will be well spent. Company Partners ensures that your plan is adaptable and strategically aligned with your business goals.

A consultant, like those at Company Partners, specializes in assisting businesses to create strategic and effective business plans. The specialist consultants have years of experience through working in companies to give them an in-depth understanding of how it works. Our experts bring this in-depth knowledge of market trends and financial modelling into the writing process.

Absolutely, and this is a service provided by Company Partners. Our experienced consultants can develop a plan that reflects your vision and market needs, offering valuable insights and expertise. Our services are available throughout South Africa.



Yes, incorporating a SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats) analysis is vital. It offers insights into your competitive position and business environment. Company Partners can assist in identifying these crucial factors, ensuring your business plan is comprehensive and strategically sound.

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