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About Company Partners

We are South Africa’s Most Popular 1-Stop-Shop for
Entrepreneurs. Since 2006, our Specialists have assisted
over 50 000 Entrepreneurs with their Company Formation
process, within record timeframes!

Our Team

We’re a team of over 50 dedicated experts which offers over 120 Company Services, including Company RegistrationShelf CompaniesTax ClearanceVAT RegistrationLetter of Good Standing,
COID Registration and many other essential Business Compliance Documents.

Our vision is simple: “To empower all South Africa’s Entrepreneurs!” If we can sort out all the ‘red tape’ entrepreneurs deal with – they will have more time to build their businesses. This way, our country can be empowered through these entrepreneurs.

“As a Company Partners client, you have a dedicated
Consultant whose job it is to make sure your
services get done quick and effortless.”

What Does Our Clients Say?

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Registration Number at CIPC: Our Original Closed Corporation Number was
2006/087669/23 – then in 2015 we converted the “CC” into a Pty (Ltd) and received a new Company
Registration Number: 2015/434627/07.

Directors: Ilana Steyn, Liam Stander and Ian Gouws.

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Our Team Is Ready For You!

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How Does Company Partners Stay The Best?

To start a successful company from the ground up you need creativity and luck.
Company Partners has been started by creative entrepreneurs who surely had a lucky break…
To continually stay the best in our industry, luck and creativity alone has not been enough though
– especially in challenging economic times.

Excluding the pure grace of Jesus, the main contributor factor to our success has been our “client focus”. To keep our business steering in the right direction, we are continuously looking at what our clients need RIGHT NOW.
This information we collect from our system, team, and clients.

Based on this information and our experience, we improve our online system, knowledge, services, and
marketing continuously. As a result we are able to give our clients exactly what they need at the lowest possible price year upon year. 

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