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A Tax Compliance Certificate is a written confirmation from SARS that shows a Company is legally tax compliant in South Africa. The “Tax Clearance Cert” proves that your company has no bad debt at SARS and that your Tax submissions are up to date.

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Our Tax Clearance Certificate Service will:

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Tax Clearance Certificate
(Inactive Company)
R 790 Once off
  • Tax Clearance Pin Certificate
  • Main Requirements: (1) Company Registration documents; (2) ID Number / Passport; (3) Tax Registration Number; (4) All Tax returns up to date; (5) SARS Registered Representative updated at SARS (we can assist)
  • Timeframe: 48-Hours

Tax Clearance Certificate
(Trading Company)

R 990 Once off
  • Tax Clearance Pin Certificate
  • Main Requirements: (1) Company Registration documents; (2) ID Number / Passport; (3) Tax Registration Number; (4) All Tax returns up to date; (5) SARS Registered Representative updated at SARS (we can assist)
  • Timeframe: 1-Week

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Tax Combo
R 990

Save R90

  • Tax Clearance Pin Certificate
  • SARS Registered Representative Update
  • Main Requirements: (1) Company Registration documents; (2) ID Number / Passport; (3) Tax Registration Number; (4) All Tax returns up to date
  • Timeframe: 48-Hours
Tax Clearance Package
R 1790

Save R580

  • Pty Company Registration
  • Tax Number and Tax Clearance Pin Certificate
  • SARS Registered Representative Update
  • Free Optional Services Included: BEE Affidavit, Bank Account and Website.
Tender Package
R 2990


  • 1-Week Timeframe
  • New Pty Company
  • Share Certificates
  • Beneficial Ownership at CIPC
  • Tax Number & Tax Clearance
  • SARS Registered Representative Update
  • CSD Registration
  • Free Optional Services Included: BEE Affidavit, Bank Account, Custom Tender Search and Website.
  • Money Back Guarantee
Elite Tender Package
R 4990


  • 2-Week Timeframe
  • New Pty Company
  • Tax Number & Tax Clearance Cert
  • Share Certificates
  • Beneficial Ownership at CIPC
  • SARS Registered Representative Update
  • CSD Registration
  • COIDA Registration
  • COIDA Letter of Good Standing
  • Free Optional Services Included: BEE Affidavit, Bank Account, Custom Tender Search and Website.
  • Money Back Guarantee

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What is the Requirements to apply for a Tax Clearance Certificate?

  1. A Tax Registration Number. If you do not have one, we can assist
  2. ‘Clear’ with SARS. Your Company may not have any outstanding debts at SARS, or any outstanding tax submissions. If there are any issues, we can assist in solving the matters at an extra cost.
  3. Company Registration. If your business has not been registered with CIPC, we can assist.


What is the Process:

  1. Apply. Please complete and submit the easy application form. One of our friendly Consultants will contact you.
  2. We communicate with SARS on your behalf. Our Professional Tax Practitioner ensures that your Tax Clearance Certificate is processed correctly and in good time.
  3. Receive your Tax Clearance Certificate and Pin. Our SARS Department will ensure that your Tax Clearance Certificate is sent to your email* in the quickest possible timeframe. We will also email you your SARS Tax Compliance Status Pin that you will also need to submit with your Tender applications.

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Our popular Tax Clearance Combo includes the following services (You can order this Combo by signing up above):

  • Your Tax Clearance Certificate.
  • Your SARS Tax Compliance Status Pin.
  • Activation of your Company’s SARS E-filing Profile.
  • Communicating your Company’s Tax Number to you.
  • Uploading your Company’s Banking Details to SARS.
  • Appointment of the Public Officer.
  • Verification of your Company’s details with SARS.

If you dont have a Sars Registered Representative to manage your tax affairs on your behalf speak to us!

This post will help you get a Tax Clearance Certificate in South Africa at SARS – as soon as possible in the easiest way possible.

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What is a Tax Clearance Certificate?

Simply put, a Tax Clearance Certificate is just an official document that proves you’re in the clear regarding your Company’s Tax. SARS issues all Tax Clearance Certificates. This certificate will verify that your business doesn’t owe any outstanding tax to SARS.

The easiest way to get a Tax Clearance Certificate?

Our  Service is by far the easiest way to get your SARS certificate as soon as possible.
Here’s how out Tax Clearance Services work:

All you need to do is sign up by clicking HERE and one of our Tax Clearance Experts will take you through the easy process. We can assist you from anywhere in South Africa.

Why do I need a Tax Clearance Certificate?

You’re probably here because you’ve noticed that when applying for Tenders, whether they’re Government or private, they require you to submit a Tax Clearance Certificate.

That’s because both Companies and state institutions want to know whether you’ve paid all your taxes to SARS. To them, a business that’s up to date with its tax payments is a business that’s trustworthy, credible and good to work with.

If you’ve avoided paying all your Taxes, it’s impossible to get a Clearance Certificate. The term implies that you get the certificate for having a “clear” account with SARS.

How are Tax Clearance Certificates issued?

Only SARS can issue Tax Clearance Certificates. Your accountant or a fast-tracked company service provider like us can assist you by communicating to SARS on your behalf.

Applying for a Clearance certificate could cost you hours for having to stand in long queues (if you do it at a local SARS branch and not online) or when you struggle to figure out all the documentation that needs to be submitted.

An easier way to obtain your SARS Tax Clearance Certificate is via one of our Accounting experts. We only need 24 hours (as soon as we have your EFile profile). With our service (as shown above) you get a designated Tax Clearance expert.

Our experts know precisely what documentation you need and how they need to be submitted to SARS not to waste time. We can assist you in getting your Tax Clearance Certificate in record-breaking time.

Luckily this expert-service is actually cost-effective, easy and it helps you save hours. So far, we’ve helped thousands of South African businesses with their Clearance Certificates. You can be located anywhere in South Africa or the World.

Expert Tip: If you don’t have time to read through this post, call us Toll Free on 0800 007 269 to talk directly to one of our SARS experts.

tax clearance south africa

Where do I apply to get a Tax Clearance Certificate?

You can go directly to SARS eFiling website or go to your closest SARS branch.

If you want to follow the easiest and fastest way it would be helpful for you to use our fast-tracked SARS service. We only need about 24 hours to get you your Tax Clearance Certificate.

Just follow this quick 2-step guide:
1. Sign up for our Tax Clearance Service in South Africa

Sign up by completing the online form above, or simply call our toll free number on 0800 007 269 and we will sign you up.

2. Follow the steps provided by your designated Expert

Once you’ve signed up we’ll assign a Tax Clearance and SARS expert to you. That expert will let you know exactly what to do, so you can get your Tax Clearance Certificate ASAP.

Pty Company Registration makes the whole process faster and easier for you. We offer a Tax Clearance service to assist you with all the documentation you need to submit to SARS to obtain a Tax Clearance Certificate from SARS. Just call our toll free number on 0800 007 269 to start.

Do I need a Tax Clearance Certificate for Tenders?

Yes, you probably do need a Tax Clearance Certificate when you apply for most Tenders. You’ll most certainly need it to apply for Government Tenders and large Private Tenders in South Africa.

As stated in the previous question, a Tax Clearance Certificate is proof that you are in good standing with SARS and no company wants to team up with a business that doesn’t pay their taxes.

What is the cheapest way to get a Tax Clearance Certificate?

Although the cheapest would be to register directly with SARS, it can be very time-consuming (and time is money!) to do everything yourself. This is especially true if you need a few documents to ensure you’re eligible for a Tax Clearance Certificate.

That’s why it might be more economical, when you take your time and energy into account, to use our fast-tracked Tax Clearance Service. We are ready to assist you – call us Toll Free on 0800 007 269 (free to dial from Cellphones and Landlines).

When should I pay tax for my small business?

If you already have a business, but you haven’t registered it as a Pty Company yet, your business will automatically be considered a Sole Proprietor business.

That means you’re already paying tax on your business earnings, just along with your personal tax. That means if your general income is more than R75 000 a year, you’ll have to pay Personal Income Tax.

When you decide to register your business as a Pty Company, or whichever Company Structure you prefer, you’ll pay taxes on your Company as a separate legal entity and different taxation percentages apply.

If you have a Pty Company rather than using the default Sole Proprietor structure it’ll simply mean there will now be a distinction between your personal taxes and your company’s taxes – which is a great thing. This implies there’s a distinction between you and your company’s debt, so when something goes wrong business-wise, you might be more protected in terms of your personal assets. That’s why it’s smarter to register your business as a Company.

In terms of when you’ll pay tax, you’ll pay tax as soon as you earn income (unless it’s less than R75 000 a year).

You will also not be able to gain the tax benefits for SME companies should you be a Sole Proprietor.

Can I avoid taxes?

No, you can’t. There is no legal way to avoid tax.

There are only smarter ways to do your finances so you don’t pay unnecessary tax.

You can also make use of our professional Accounting services here rather than hiring an Accountant.

Where can I find more info about your Tax Clearance Certificate service?

You can view our Tax Clearance Certificate brochure here.

A tax clearance certificate is an official document issued by SARS that confirms your business has no outstanding tax liabilities. This certificate is crucial for businesses involved in tenders, securing large contracts, or establishing financial credibility for loan applications. Obtaining this certificate ensures that your business is recognised as compliant and trustworthy, enhancing your reputation in the marketplace.
Obtaining a tax clearance certificate from SARS is typically free. However, if you require expedited or assisted service through a tax practitioner or service provider like Company Partners, there may be a fee involved. For example, obtaining your tax clearance certificate through our services can be completed within 24 hours from only R790, ensuring fast and reliable results.
To apply for a tax clearance certificate, you’ll need the following: • Company registration documents to verify your business’s legal status. • A valid ID Number or Passport of the business owner or authorised SARS representative. • Your business’s Tax Registration Number. • Proof that all tax returns are up-to-date. • Confirmation that your SARS Registered Representative’s details are current.
The time it takes to obtain a tax clearance certificate can vary depending on the method used to apply. If you apply online via SARS eFiling and all your tax affairs are in order, the certificate can be issued almost immediately. However, if you apply through a SARS branch or if additional reviews are required due to discrepancies or incomplete information, it could take up to 21 days. For expedited service and support in ensuring all your documentation is correct, you might consider using a service like Company Partners, which can secure your Tax Clearance Certificate within 2 days, provided all your information is complete and up-to-date.
To check your Tax Compliance Status (TCS), which replaces the traditional tax clearance certificate, follow these steps through the SARS eFiling system: • Log into SARS eFiling: Access your account by logging into the SARS eFiling website. • Navigate to the ‘Tax Status’ Section: Select the ‘Tax Compliance Status’ option available on your eFiling dashboard. • View Your Compliance Status: Here, you can view your current tax compliance status. If you have applied for a specific TCS, you can also check the status of your application. • Use the TCS PIN: If your status is compliant, SARS will provide a TCS PIN that you can share with third parties who need to verify your tax status. This PIN ensures that your tax status can be verified quickly and securely online.
For Emigration Purposes: If you are leaving South Africa and ceasing to be a tax resident, you may need to apply for an Emigration Tax Clearance Certificate (also known as a “tax clearance for emigration”). This is important for ensuring that all your tax affairs are settled before you leave the country. The certificate is necessary to confirm to the South African Reserve Bank (SARB) and other financial institutions that your tax liabilities have been settled, allowing the transfer of assets abroad if required. For Temporary Travel: For typical travel or short-term stays outside South Africa, a tax clearance certificate is not required. However, ensuring that your taxes are up-to-date is advisable, especially if you plan to conduct financial transactions or extend your stay abroad. The need for a tax clearance certificate largely depends on the nature of your departure—whether it’s temporary travel or permanent emigration. For detailed guidance or specific situations, it’s recommended to consult with a tax professional or directly contact SARS.
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