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24-Hour Company Registration Package

Our Company Registration process boasts easy requirements and complimentary inclusions to streamline your experience.

Easy Requirements for our 24-Hour Company Registrations:

We need your (1) ID Number / Passport; (2) Home or Business Address in SA. That is all we need to register your company within 24-hours – or your money back!

Included in our R880 Company Registration Package Special:

(1) Guaranteed Company Name; (2) Official Company Registration Documents; (3) Tax Number; (4) Free ‘Optionals‘ Valued Over R2000: BEE Affidavit, Bank Account, Custom Tender Search and Website.

Choose the right Company option for you

New Company Registration Package

R 880


  • 24-Hour Timeframe
  • Requirements: (1) ID Number / Passport; (2) Home or Business Address in SA. No Paperwork!
  • Registered Pty (Ltd) Company with all Documents and Fees Included
  • Free Optional Services Included: BEE Affidavit, Bank Account, Custom Tender Search and Website
  • Money Back Guarantee

2023 Shelf Company (incl TCC)

R 3990

Starting From

  • 1-Minute Timeframe
  • Requirements: (1) ID / Passport Document; (2) Home or Business Address in SA
  • Registered Pty (Ltd) Company with all Documents and Fees Included​
  • Company Amendments: Name, Directors & Address Share Transfers & Certificates
  • Share Transfers & Certificates
  • Beneficial Ownership at CIPC
  • Free Optional Services Included: BEE Affidavit, Bank Account, Custom Tender Search and Website
  • Money Back Guarantee
  • Company Income Tax Number & Clearance
  • SARS Registered Representative Update
Important note: Stock is limited and there may be delays due to processes at SARS. Speak to a Business Advisors should your require Urgent Shelf Company option or older registration number.

Or... see our Premium Packages

We offer Discounted Packages for complete Tender Compliance. These packages include
VAT Registration, Tax Clearance, COID Letter of Good Standing and more.

Tender Package

R 2990


  • 1-Week Timeframe
  • New Pty Company
  • Tax Number & Tax Clearance
  • Share Certificates
  • Beneficial Ownership at CIPC
  • SARS Registered Representative Update
  • CSD Registration
  • Free Optional Services Included: BEE Affidavit, Bank Account, Custom Tender Search and Website.
  • Money Back Guarantee
MAx Value

Elite Tender Package

R 4990


  • 2-Week Timeframe
  • New Pty Company
  • Tax Number & Tax Clearance
  • Share Certificates
  • Beneficial Ownership at CIPC
  • SARS Registered Representative Update
  • CSD Registration
  • COIDA Letter of Good Standing
  • Free Optional Services Included: BEE Affidavit, Bank Account, Custom Tender Search and Website.
  • Money Back Guarantee

Shelf Company Package

R 3990

2023 Shelf Company

  • Instant Reg Number & Company Documents
  • Company Amendments: Name, Directors & Address
  • Share Transfer & Certificates
  • Tax Nr & Clearance Certificate
  • Business Bank Account
  • SARS Registered Representative Update
  • Free Optional Services Included: BEE Affidavit & Website
  • Money Back Guarantee

Custom Package

If you require more options, we can provide you with a custom package solution. Contact us to create YOUR own custom package. Services we can assist with:
  • VAT Registration
  • COID registration
  • Letter of Good Standing
  • CIDB Registration
  • NHBRC Registration
  • Company Profile
  • UIF / PAYE
  • Imports / Export License

FREE Services with All Packages (Optional)

Official BEE Affidavit​

Business Bank Account​​

Tender Leads​

Expert Tax and Payroll Consultation​

Business Website Domain

Our Company Registration Experts

Will assist you with every step towards successful Tender Compliance

We Register

Your Company at CIPC

We Empower

Your Company with all other industry compliance documents

We Grow

Your Company by sorting out your tax and accounting when required

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2x Simple Requirements

We Register your Company online from anywhere - without any paperwork. The only requirements are: (1) ID Number / Passport; (2) Home or Business Address in SA.

Trading in 24-Hours

We finalise your New Pty Company Registration within 1 working day; after which you can start trading immediately.

Tender Packages

Our Tender Packages includes a Pty, Tax Clearance, CSD Registration, BEE Affidavit, Business Bank Account and everything else you need to apply for tenders.

Toll Free Consultation

Call us toll free for consultation or a quote on 0800 007 269 (no cost from SA cell phones and landlines).

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Ralston Fisher
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“Simple & Effortless”
Company Partners is just what the name says, it is a partner to your company. It is a one stop shop for all your company needs and requirements – starting with a company registration. They make the process simple and effortless.
Conrad & Linda Webster
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“Great Value”
Stress-free process and all necessary matters are taken care of with valued services that saves time and money! Exactly what I needed setting up my new company. I can recommend Company Partners to anyone!
Anél Joubert
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and Accounting Services (Pty) Ltd

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We Are South Africa’s Most Popular 1-Stop-Shop for Entrepreneurs. Our experts assist you with every step towards successful company compliance – within record timeframes!

Company Partners

More About Company Partners

  1. Get Your Own Business Consultant to assist with the process – dedicated to your business and success.
  2. We promise Fast and Effective online services and Successful Registration. Ask your Consultant about our Money Back Guarantee.
  3. Our Requirements are simple and easy to Register a Company: apply online here. No paperwork / documents are required for South African ID Holders. (Passport copy is required for our Foreign Clients).
  4. Complete Tender Empowerment in South Africa: receive ALL the required Company Documents issued by CIPC / Dti: CoR14.3, CoR14.1, CoR14.1A and MOI (CoR15.1A). We also assist with Shelf Companies, Tax Clearance, VAT Registration / VAT Number, UIF, CIPC, BEE, Annual Returns, Amendments, COID, a Letter of Good Standing, Import / Export License, CIDB, NHBRC, Logos, Free Website Domain & Website Design (included in all our packages), Business Plans, Accounting & Payroll, and more than 120 other Business Services for Tenders and Contracts!
  5. Ask us about our popular Discounted Packages – tailor made for your Business and Industry.

A new Business needs numerous services and guidance to prepare for Tenders and Contracts in South Africa. After your PTY is open, we can also assist you through the entire Business start-up process (optional). You can have everything you need for your Tender or Contract in South Africa – we have a package that is right for you and your specific tender.

Our Clients are based all over the country and the world – we offer an easy online service. Join thousands of Clients who receive outstanding service and support from us every month.

  • Contact your own dedicated Consultant Toll-Free. We offer free advice before applying or paying for your company registration. You can dial us toll free from your landline or cellphone.
  • Guaranteed Company Name, Free Tax Number, Free Official BEE Affidavit and Tender Assistance (optional) for your new Business. We also offer a free Domain Name and Website Design (Valued at R1290) for your new company (optional).
  • Our simple online system enables Clients from ANYWHERE in South Africa or the World to Register a Company – you only need Internet access.
  • Choose from numerous payment options with a money-back guarantee.
  • Surety of a unique Company Name. Your Company Name’s success is guaranteed. If your Company Name is rejected (after we have cleared it), we will apply again at our own expense.
  • We send you ALL the required Company Documents, ready to be used for Tenders and Contracts. These include your official CIPC Company Registration Certificate (CoR14.3 / CK), Appointment of Incorporators and Directors Forms (CoR14.1 and CoR14.1A) and The Memorandum of Incorporation / MOI (CoR15.1A) on request. All as per the required standards of the CIPC, Dti and the Companies Act of 2008.
  • Receive a Nedbank Business Bank Account at NO SETUP COST (optional).

1. Online 1-stop-shop for complete Tender compliance. We offer an online 1-stop-shop for 120 Business and Tender related services – all this from the comfort of your own home or office.
2. Fast Timeframes. We move as fast as possible with your Company Registration. We know time equals money, and there are no backlogs on our side: We can usually finalise your new company registration in 1 working day. We continually monitor the company registration process with Government to help minimise any delays with them.
3. Simple Requirements: The only requirements for Business Registration are: You have to sign up here or phone us. No paperwork is required for SA ID Holders. (We need a passport copy for our Foreign Clients).
4. Anyone, Anywhere can use our service – it does not matter where you are located – we offer an easy online business registration service to everyone. There is no need for you to visit the DTI, CIPC or our offices, and you can be based anywhere in South Africa or the world.
5. Expert and Dedicated Consultant. A Dedicated, Experienced Consultant will be allocated to you to take care of the entire company registration process and help you along the way. You will receive a cell phone number and email address on which you can directly contact your own Consultant.
6. Pricing. We offer the best pricing to you for dedicated, personal and professional consultation – we have years of experience. We guarantee success – or your money back.
7. Our Tracking System. Our custom System will constantly update you on the process via SMS and email.
8. We deal directly with CIPC and the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI). You do not need to worry about dealing with Government. Everything is done by our experienced Consultants.
9. Admin. We complete all necessary Applications correctly and review all the paperwork for you. You only need to relax and wait for your company registration documents via e-mail, confirming that you may start trading.
10. Professional Service with a Money-back guarantee. With more than 10 years’ experience of representing our Clients at Government, the entire process run smoothly over the Internet. No lost documents and no frustration.
11. Legitimacy. You can verify the existence of your new PTY on CIPC’s database once we’ve finished.
12. BackBone. Company Partners guarantee that the service we offer you meets the standards of the best in the game since 2006. Our over 50 Specialists offer services and standards of the highest quality.

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Option 1 (Business Registration – New Name)

Price: R 880 all inclusive.

Timeframe: 1 working day (please verify with your Consultant).

This Company Registration Option is best for you if:

  • You want to ensure you get a specific Company Name which you prefer.
  • You want to follow the standard procedures to open a new Business.
  • You have time available.

Interested in this Option?

…we will firstly search the availability of your preferred Company Name. If your preferred Company name seems to be available, we apply to reserve it (with three alternative names if you choose so). After successful name reservation, we represent you at CIPC and apply for your New Company with your reserved name in the fastest time possible.

“Yes, I want my own Company Name!”


Option 2 (Shelf Name)

Price: R 780 all inclusive.

Timeframe: 4 days (please verify with your Consultant).

This Company Registration Option is best for you if:

  • You like one of our Shelf Company Names.
  • You want to save money (R100) by choosing this Option instead of Option #1 at R880.

Interested in this Option?

…you will firstly have to make sure if you are happy to use one of our Shelf Company Names as the future name of your Business. If you find a business name which you like, we can start immediately without the hassle (and extra time it takes) of reserving a new Company name. Please speak to a Consultant for more details.

“Yes, I want a Shelf Company Name and pay R100 less!”


Option 3 (Buy a Shelf Company)

Price: R 1990 all inclusive.

Timeframe: PTY Number in 24 hours.

The Shelf Company Option is best for you if:

      • You need a Company Number for a Contract / Tender ASAP.
      • You do NOT have to be listed as a Director on the Company immediately.
      • You are able to pay a premium price for a Shelf Company.

Interested in a Shelf Company?

…you will firstly have to make sure you do NOT need to be the Director of the Company immediately. After purchase you will immediately get a PTY Number which is yours, but we will then have to list you as a Director. We will do an Amendment at CIPC for this change to be official (process included in the timeframes / price). Read more about our Shelf Companies.

“Yes, I need a Company Number ASAP and I am willing to pay the premium price for a Shelf Company!”

Company Registration Online Register Now Banner

Here’s a guide to complete a company registration online as fast as possible. Please note, you do not need to read through this guide – we are ready to provide you with Free Consultation on Toll Free 0800 007 269 (free to dial from Cellphones and Landlines).

What are the Benefits of a PTY in South Africa?

The preferred choice of a legal entity for most Businesses in South Africa is a Pty. Here’s why:

1. You protect your personal life and assets from your business. If one runs a business, it is necessary to operate in a safe legal structure where your business assets and risks are separated from your personal ones.
2. You look more professional when you operate under a registered business name. If you want to obtain a big contract or tender, it is just so much more professional to trade in a Pty capacity than in your own name.
3. Most Suppliers and Government Departments require businesses to be registered as a Company to apply for their Tenders and Contracts.

How do you register a company in South Africa?

Everything can happen online or even over your phone. There are two ways you can do this from your desktop or your mobile phone:

Method 1: Use a Professional Service like ourselves – saving you time, effort and frustration.

We offer a simple and easy online service for PTY company registration. The only step you need to take is completing the easy online form above. You can also do this over your phone by calling 0800 007 269 – free to dial from your cellphone or landline.

Our experienced business consultants will walk you through everything you need to know to register a new company at the Companies and Intellectual Property Commission (CIPC). In fact, our consultants will take care of all the CIPC administration for you. Our business consultants know exactly what to do and they have excellent experience working with the CIPC – saving you time and effort.


company registration online. Register a Company now


Method 2:

The second method means doing everything 100% by yourself through CIPC.

How long does it take to Register a Company?

When you use our experts to facilitate the process, you can rest assure that we will process your documents in the quickest way possible – you can normally have your new company within 1 working day.

What is the requirement for Business Registration?

  • You need to be 18 or older.
  • A South African address and ID number – no paperwork is required and we can even open your new Company over the phone.
  • A Passport if you are a foreigner.

How much does it cost to Register a Business?

We charge R880 for a brand new South African Company with a new Name. This price includes a Guaranteed Company Name, Free Tax Number, Free Official BEE Affidavit, Free Business Bank Account, Free Domain Name & Website Design (worth R1290) and Free Tender Search (optional).

What is the fastest way to register a small business in South Africa?

There are two ways:

The first option is registering a Pty from scratch, and the second option is buying a Shelf Company. The option that’s best for you depends on how much time you have. Do you need a company registration number today or can you wait a bit?

1. If you need a PTY registration number immediately, buying a Shelf Company could be your best and fastest option.

The fastest way to get a legal PTY is buying one of our Shelf Companies. It’s also the fastest way to get a PTY registration number that you can trade with right away (please verify with your consultant).

2. If you can wait 1 working day, you can register a new PTY as well.

If you have more time, you can also consider a new Pty. We can normally complete a new company registration within 1 working day (please verify your situation with your consultant).

How long does it take to get a Shelf Company in South Africa?

If you buy a Shelf Company from us you can typically get and use the registration number immediately upon payment.

What’s the difference between a Shelf Company and a “normal” Pty in South Africa?

It’s vital to understand that both a “normal” Pty Company and a Shelf Company are legally registered Pty Companies at the CIPC. There is no difference in where or how each of these types of companies are registered. There is simply a difference in when they are registered. When you buy a Shelf Company, it’s already registered at the CIPC. When you register a new PTY Company, you start from scratch with CIPC.

That’s essentially why buying a Shelf Company provide you with an instant company number. It’s a company that has already been legally registered at the CIPC – so you don’t have to.

How do Shelf Companies work?

To put it simply, Shelf Companies are PTYs that are registered and then “put onto a shelf” for other businesses or entrepreneurs to buy.

Shelf Companies are registered with generic names so they can be resold to businesses who need new PTYs immediately.

Once you’ve bought a Shelf Company the ownership details will be changed to your details. If you don’t like the generic name the Shelf Company you bought already has, you can change it to pretty much any name you like. You can always change the name of a Shelf Company.

The other significant difference is the company’s number, which is linked to the year it was registered in.

That implies, if you registered a company at the CIPC in 2019, the year 2019 will reflect in the company number.

If you buy a Shelf Company, its number will be linked to when (the year) it was registered. We offer Shelf Companies from many different years. Older Shelf Companies are usually more expensive as we had to pay their annual returns for several years to keep them active.

How can I register my Company as fast as possible?

Our experts have supported thousands of South African entrepreneurs and small business owners with their company registration and also their tender and other compliance documentation. We assist businesses on a daily basis, so we work with the CIPC on a daily basis. We can usually have a new company ready for you within 1 working day.

How do I register my small business through you?

We offer a fast-tracked and Professional Small Business Registration services. Over the past decade, we’ve cultivated an online service to help entrepreneurs register PTYs, buy Shelf Companies or do alternative small business administration through us.

To Start, just call us on 0800 007 269 and a dedicated business expert will walk you through our easy online system. This system will send you regular emails on important steps in the process. You can also consider to Buy a Shelf Company to get your company number immediately.

Our professional system notifies you which documents you need to upload and where. It also keeps you in the loop on how your services are progressing; it stores your official company documentation in one spot; and it helps you identify other company documentation that might be helpful to your business’s growth. Whats more – you have a dedicated Consultant to assist your small business with all of the above.

We can support you with over 120 small business and administrative services like tender compliance, accounting, industry-specific documentation or branding. You can access our full service list in the sidebar to your right.

How does our online service work?

Our process is easy, fast and streamlined. Once you request the service, we will phone you to explain the easy process to you and request your documentation (if applicable).

After you’ve uploaded or emailed your documents (if applicable – we will assist), our experts will submit all your documents to the CIPC in perfect order and our professional staff will make sure all your forms are filled out correctly. This includes choosing and reserving a name for your new company.

Once everything is submitted and in order, our system will notify you what the timeframe is for the service ordered. Once everything is processed by the CIPC, we will send you your registration papers straight to your email inbox.

These documents will also be stored on our online system in your personal login dashboard. That means you can easily access it again in future.

If you have questions during the process, contact us Toll Free: 0800 007 269 (free to dial from Cellphones and Landlines).

What types of companies are there in South Africa?

The most common type of company for South African entrepreneurs is a private company. It’s also known as a Pty Ltd Company. Other Company types include Public Companies, Personal Liability Companies and External (Foreign) Companies.

Please note, according to South African legislation you can no longer register Closed Corporations. We do offer 2010 Shelf CCs / Shelf Close Corporations for sale if you require a CC / Close Corporation as a legal entity for your Business. Stock is limited and sold on a first come first serve basis.

What is a Pty or a Proprietary Limited Company?

As we mentioned above, a Pty or a Proprietary Limited Company is one of the most popular types of businesses in South Africa.

It’s so popular, because it works for most small to medium businesses in South Africa. This type of business has a “(Pty) Ltd” added to its official paper work. Having a Pty Company helps you limit your personal liability. Why? In the eyes of South African law, it’s considered a separate legal entity. That means, unless you act recklessly or unlawfully, you will not be held personally accountable when things go wrong with your business.

With a Pty you can safeguard yourself; the Pty structure help you ensure your business risks stay contained within your registered company.

You also get a company number, which allows you to apply to Tenders, RFQs, contract or finance in South Africa.

You can be a single owner or you can have up to 50 owners. In a Pty, owners are called shareholders. Although the shareholders are often the directors of a Pty, it’s not automatic. If you have more than 1 owner, you should ensure that you’re registered as both a director and a shareholder.

If you want your business to be a separate legal entity, so you can limit liability, a Pty Company is one of the easiest profit company structures to register in terms of short and long-term paperwork.

It’s also helpful to keep in mind, that our online services will help you rule out most of the admin related to a new Pty Company.

You can be located anywhere in South Africa (or in the world) to use our Fast and Easy Online Services.

We are ready to assist you – call Toll Free 0800 007 269 (free to dial from Cellphones and Landlines).

If you’re interested in learning who we are you can find out more on our about company partners page.  

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