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The Companies Act 71 of 2008 was amended by the General Laws (Anti-Money Laundering and Combating Terrorism Financing) Amendment Act 22 of 2022, which was released by the South African government on December 29, 2022, and went into effect on April 1, 2023. These changes include the need to maintain an up-to-date Beneficial Owners record at CIPC in addition to its usual compliance requirements. Furthermore, if you have a trust submit your beneficial ownership for trusts with the Master of the High Court.

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Beneficial Ownership Registration at CIPC

R 990 Once off
  • Beneficial Ownership Confirmation / Certificate, OR
  • Beneficial Ownership for Trusts
  • Requirements: (1) Company Registration Documents; (2) ID Number / Passport; (3) Share Register; (4) Beneficial Ownership Register.
  • Timeframe: 3-Days
  • Free BEE Affidavit, Bank Account and more (optional)
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Other CIPC Beneficial Ownership Requirements for BO Registration:

Share Certificate(s): Starting at R590 – Click here for more info.

Share Register Setup: Starting at R650 – Click here for more info.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Beneficial Ownership

Beneficial Ownership is more than just identifying a company’s stockholders. It is about figuring out who, even if they do not directly own shares, has a lot of power or influence. Consider it as figuring out who the actual people are that run a company and making sure that everything is clear and transparent.

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“beneficial owner” refers to the following when discussing a trust instrument’s provisions:

  • a natural person who ultimately controls the relevant trust property, either directly or indirectly;
  • a natural person who effectively oversees the administration of the trust arrangements formed in accordance with a trust instrument.

Transparency in corporate activities is crucial in South Africa. In addition to ensuring compliance with local laws, registering your beneficial ownership with the CIPC fosters confidence among stakeholders. It’s a proactive move that enhances your reputation in the industry and demonstrates your dedication to moral business conduct.


The following entity types are required to file Beneficial Ownership information, if applicable:

  • Profit companies (PTY and Close Corporations)
  • Non-profit companies
  • External companies
  • Trusts (where Applicable)

Beneficial Ownership in trusts may involve some complexity. In essence, they describe circumstances in which a person or organization maintains assets on behalf of another. It’s a method of managing and safeguarding assets, but as with other ownership arrangements, it’s essential that these trusts be open and properly registered to guarantee the safety and compliance of all participants.


It’s important to get off to the appropriate start. You’re laying the groundwork for transparency and compliance by comprehending and registering your BO details as soon as possible. It’s not only about avoiding fines; it’s also about building a solid reputation early on, which may come in very handy as your company expands.

Read our in-depth explanation of beneficial ownership at CIPC here to learn more.


Yes, in fact, there are. BO is under to strict laws in South Africa, and noncompliance can result with heavy fines. However, precise registration guarantees you’re operating with honesty, which can have long-term benefits for your company relationships and reputation. It’s not only about avoiding penalties.


We at Company Partners think it’s important to simplify complicated procedures. Our team of professionals will walk you through the nuances of BO so that you may be assured in your comprehension and comply with the rules. We are your committed partner in navigating this crucial facet of doing business in South Africa, from first registration through any required modifications.

cipc beneficial ownership requirements made simple in 3 steps


To declare beneficial ownership on CIPC, the mandated individual must establish and document the beneficial owners of the company and/or trust, maintain accurate records, submit a beneficial ownership register to the CIPC, and ensure the information remains current.

You can view the CIPC step-by-step to submit your beneficial ownership register.



A beneficial owner has the right to benefit from the assets or income of the trust, as stipulated in the trust deed. This may include rights to distributions, voting rights in certain decisions, and access to information about the trust’s activities and financials.

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