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CSD Registration for Tender Applications in South Africa @ only R490

Do you need to Register with CSD to list as a Government Supplier? We can assist you with CSD Registration for Tenders in South Africa. Get Your CSD Profile setup correctly according to Government’s standards. It’s all done online, costs only R490 and can be done in 48 hours. You can be based anywhere in South Africa. Register below or call 082 380 6551 over lockdown period.

Why MUST You Register on the Government’s Central Supplier Database (CSD)? Tenders, tender, tenders! All Government Institutions require that Tender Applicants are registered on the CSD. When registering on CSD, the Government verifies your Email, Cell Phone and Banking Details. They also verify your CIPC Company Registration Number and Tax Clearance. You can then start building up ‘CSD Points’ to get ranked higher for tenders – this will happen as you update your CSD Profile every 3 months – we can also assist with all of these additional services. To start the CSD Registration process, apply on this page below or call our toll free number for free consultation.

Requirements for CSD Registration in South Africa

Timeframes to Register on the CSD Database

All in all, this process can be completed within 48 hours – but may take up to 4-5 days if there are delays.

  1. Within 24 hours after applying for CSD Registration (and meeting all their requirements) you will receive a verification email from the CSD. Your email and cell phone will then be verified.
  2. Within 24 hours after your verification has been done, we will setup your CSD Profile.
  3. Within 24-48 hours the Government will then again verify your Company’s Banking Details and you will get confirmation that your CSD Registration has been completed succesfully.

Our CSD Registration Expert will assist you with all the above processes.

CSD Registration Cost: R490 once-off (All Inclusive)

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