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Shelf Companies on Sale

Do you need a Company for Tenders and Contracts Quickly? Get a Shelf Company here – immediately online! We have many Shelf Company Options for sale. Stock is limited. Pricing Starts at Only R1990 (All Inclusive). Choose your option below and start trading today, or contact us toll free.

Shelf Company Options:

The older a Shelf Company is, the more it is in your benefit for Tenders / Contract / Financing / Rentals which requires Companies to have an older Registration Number to apply. That is, if you have been trading already; or if you have experience in your industry. The cost of a basic 2019 Shelf Company excluding Tax Clearance is R1990. More options follow below.

LIMITED STOCK: Stock is limited. All Shelf Companies are sold on a ‘first come, first serve’ basis.


Shelf Company with a VAT Number:

If you have not actively been trading with a Registered Company, VAT Registration will NOT be possible for your company to get within less than 2 months. Due to this problem, we have setup Shelf Companies with a PAYE Number and VAT Number which can be activated within 1-2 weeks.


Please note: The Shelf Company Options are more expensive than a normal Company Registration due to its advantages for tenders and contracts. If you do not need a Shelf Company: Register a New Company Only @ R880. Learn more about Shelf Companies here, or signup below to get your own Shelf Company asap.

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Your Guide on how to buy a Shelf Company in South Africa.

A Shelf Company might seem complicated, but it’s actually quite simple. Here’s the definition, why it’ll benefit your business and how you can get one in South Africa.

Shelf Company South Africa

In this post, we’ll talk about the specifics of buying a Shelf Company in South Africa. We’ll discuss what a Shelf Company is and also, how it’s beneficial to your business. Our experts also answer various other questions relating to obtaining a Shelf Company in South Africa.

This post is for you if you’re interested in getting a Shelf Company, however, it’s also for you if you’re not 100% sure, because you still have a few questions on Shelf Companies.

If you have any questions on getting a Shelf Company in South Africa, click HERE to get free consultation.

Our experts have been assisting South African entrepreneurs since 2006 with all their business-related questions, for example getting a Shelf Company in South Africa. If you have a few questions regarding Shelf Companies, don’t worry, our experts have compiled all the questions they frequently get from South African entrepreneurs, and they’ve answered them all below.

Expert Tip: Save time by calling us Toll Free on 0800 007 269 during office hours to get a Shelf Company. Our Shelf Company experts will assist you with all your questions.

FAQ’s on Shelf Companies in South Africa:

What’s a Shelf Company in South Africa?

A Shelf Company in South Africa is essentially just a Pty Company. The only difference is that a Shelf Company is a preregistered company. The reason it’s already registered at the CIPC is to save you time. The aim of a Shelf Company is getting a legally registered company in South Africa, along with its registration number, as soon as possible.

So, a Shelf Company is just a Pty company that has already been registered – using a generic Company name. That means you can start using it ASAP; you don’t have to wait for registration. In short, whether you’re buying a Shelf Company or a new Pty Company, you’re buying a Pty Company that’s officially been registered at the CIPC and has never been traded with before. A Shelf Company is just preregistered by us to save you time.

Shelf Companies are the perfect option for businesses who need a Company Registration number immediately.


What is a Shelf Company for?

The sole purpose of a Shelf Company is having a registered company available for anyone who needs a company ASAP. Company registration is not an instant process; documents need to be processed before you’ll be issued a Company Registration number. Buying a Shelf Company allows you to get a Company Registration number instantly.

You can, for example, buy a company with the name AB Security Services if your company is a security service company. You can apply to Tenders immediately using that Company Registration number and if you don’t like the name you can simply change the name. The Company Registration number will stay the same.


What are the benefits of a Shelf Company in South Africa?

Essentially a Shelf Company is a pre-registered Company that will benefit you when you want to apply for Tenders. Here’s why buying a Shelf Company in South Africa can be beneficial to you:


As a Shelf Company is a pre-registered company, there’s no need to wait for the registration process.

You can INSTANTLY get a Company Registration number to use to apply for Tenders when you buy a Shelf Company. You can always change the name of the company if you don’t like the generic name, but the Company Registration number will always stay the same.


A Shelf Company is a normal Pty (Ltd) Company that’s already been registered at the CIPC. That means you don’t have to wait for any documentation to be processed. Once you buy the Shelf Company, the PTY is legally registered; it’s yours; and it’s ready for use.


As a Shelf Company is a registered Pty, you don’t have to go through all the Company Registration red tape; that’s already completed.

Also, even though it’s already registered, a Shelf Company is a company that’s never been used by another business before. So even though you’re buying an existing company, it’s a clean slate for you to trade with for the first time.


If you need a Company NOW, a Shelf Company is your only option. Especially if you have an upcoming Tender or contract for which you need to apply for ASAP.


Is a Shelf Company like a Pty?

A Shelf Company IS a Pty Company. There is no legal difference. It has just been registered in the past to resell again.


Is getting a Shelf Company in South Africa legal?

Yes, it’s 100% legal to buy a Shelf Company in South Africa. A Shelf Company is a company that has already been legally registered as a Pty Company at the CIPC. Buying that Pty means you legally buy that Pty, along with the Company’s Registration number. It also offers you the legal right to change your company name after you’ve purchased it.


How can I buy a Shelf Company in South Africa?

You can buy a Shelf Company from any person or organization who have registered Shelf Companies to sell.

We specialise in South African Company Registration and Company Documentation, so our experts have registered multiple Shelf Companies for various industries that you can purchase.

Getting one is simple: just connect with one of our Shelf Company experts.

You can contact our Shelf Company Experts by contacting us HERE or Call us.

Call toll free for business registration services


What documentation do you need to register a Shelf Company in South Africa?

To buy a Shelf Company you need to be 18 or older; you need to have a South African residence; and an ID / Passport. That’s it!

Do you have any more questions on Shelf Companies? Directly call one of our experts for a free consultation on 0800 007 269 during office hours (free to dial us from Cellphones and Landlines).




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