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SARS has brought in the Registered Representative Appointment since April 2021. A registered representative is a person who is appointed with full rights to act on behalf of another legal entity (e.g., Companies, Trusts, etc.). If the registered representative is not updated at SARS, you will not be able to file any returns or any new registrations until the appointment has been made.

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SARS Registered Representative

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  • Main Requirements: (1) Company Registration documents; (2) ID Number / Passport; (3) SARS Income tax number; (4) Residential Address in SA.
*Timeframes: We follow the quickest possible route via SARS Offices. Normally this process takes 5 working days to appoint the Registered Representative, but due to the influx of applications, this can take up to 21 working days.

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FAQ's & Info on SARS Registered Representative in South Africa

A SARS Registered Representative is a pivotal role within the South African tax environment, designated to act on behalf of an entity in its interactions with the South African Revenue Service (SARS). This position is essential for ensuring that the business remains compliant with all tax-related obligations and requirements set by SARS.

Given the significant responsibilities, it is crucial to appoint someone who is knowledgeable, trustworthy, and capable of managing the entity’s tax profile efficiently. The representative should be able to navigate the complex tax environment and ensure compliance to avoid any potential issues or penalties.

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A SARS Registered Representative is an individual appointed by a business entity to act on its behalf in dealings with the South African Revenue Service (SARS). This representative is responsible for ensuring that all tax obligations are met and that the business remains compliant with SARS regulations. They play a crucial role in handling tax submissions, queries, and other related matters.

Appointing a SARS Registered Representative is not only a requirement for businesses in South Africa but also a strategic move. These representatives streamline tax processes, reduce the administrative burden on business owners, and ensure timely compliance with tax laws, ultimately safeguarding businesses from penalties and legal issues.

To become a SARS Registered Representative, an individual must be duly authorized by the entity they represent. The process involves registering with SARS through their eFiling system, where the individual needs to provide personal details and proof of authorization from the business entity. The registration is subject to approval by SARS.
The duration for SARS to register a representative can vary. Typically, it takes a few days to a couple of weeks, depending on the accuracy of the submitted information and SARS’ processing times. It’s advisable to regularly check the status of the application on the SARS eFiling system.

When registering as a SARS Registered Representative, specific documents are required to verify identity and authority. These typically include:

    1. Representative Appointment Letter/Power of Attorney (POA):
      • This document clarifies the Representative’s authority to act for the Represented Entity.
      • It’s available on the SARS website.
      • Not required if the entity’s founding documents indicate a sole director.
    1. Enterprise Notice of Incorporation:
      • For Companies: A copy of the Registration Certificate or Notice of Incorporation is needed.
      • For Trusts: The Trust Deed with meeting minutes specifying authorized individuals is required.
      • For Partnerships/Joint Ventures: The Partnership or Joint Venture Agreement must be provided.
      • For Individuals (e.g., minors): A copy of the taxpayer’s Identity Document is necessary.
    1. Identity Document/Passport:
      • A photocopy of the Representative’s ID or Passport should be submitted.
      • Additionally, a recent photograph of the Representative holding their ID is often required.
    1. Proof of Residential Address:
      • Documents accepted by SARS as proof of address are listed on their website under Relevant Material or Supporting Documents.

It’s crucial to check the latest requirements on the SARS website for any updates, as these requirements may change.

What are the Typical Responsibilities of a SARS Registered Representative?

A SARS Registered Representative plays a critical role in maintaining the tax compliance of the entity they represent. Their responsibilities include:

  1. Filing Tax Returns: Ensuring accurate and timely submission of all required tax returns to SARS. This is crucial for maintaining compliance and avoiding penalties.
  2. Handling Correspondence: Managing all forms of communication with SARS, including responding to queries, requests for information, and other related matters.
  3. Addressing Queries from SARS: Effectively resolving any issues or questions raised by SARS regarding the entity’s tax affairs.
  4. Ensuring Timely Tax Payments: Making sure that all tax liabilities are paid on time to avoid any interest or penalties that might accrue due to late payments.
  5. Updating SARS on Business Changes: Informing SARS of any significant changes in the business, such as changes in directors, address, or business structure, that could affect its tax affairs.


The SARS Registered Representative acts as a vital link between the entity and SARS, playing a key role in safeguarding the entity against potential tax issues and penalties by efficiently managing its tax profile. It’s essential to choose someone knowledgeable and trustworthy for this role, as they bear significant responsibility in maintaining the entity’s tax compliance.

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