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We offer over 120 different Company Services / Packages and Free Consultation on them all! Our Specialists use our Online System (integrated with CIPC, SARS, COID, CIDB and NHBRC processes) to deliver each Company Service ASAP. See our full Service List and Timeframes below or Call us Toll Free on 0800 007 269.

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4 Reasons why you should use a Company Registration Specialist when registering your own Company:

(1) Fast timeframesWe register Companies fast and effective online – most new companies are registered within 1 working day.
(2) Simple requirementsThe only requirements for Company Registration are:
Step 1: you have to apply online, or phone us toll free on 0800 007 269
Step 2: Provide us with your ID Number. No documents are required and there is no need for you to visit CIPC’s offices. You can be based anywhere in South Africa or the world. (Foreigners need to provide a copy of their passport please)
(3) Get a Dedicated Consultant
Your own dedicated professional Consultant takes care of your Company Registration process at CIPC / DTi – he or she is available on his / her email and also on a toll-free number: 0800 007 269. Learn more about us here.
(4) Professional Service and a Money-back guaranteeWith more than 10 years’ experience of representing our Clients at the CIPC, the entire process run smoothly over the Internet. No lost documents and no frustration. See our Guarantee.