Company Registration at CIPC, SARS, COID, CUSTOMS, CIDB & More

Company Registration Packages

Pty Packages: Do you need to apply for a Tender or Contract? Our Pty Packages provide everything you need in one package… with great discounts! All our company registration packages starts with a Pty Company which is done in 24-hours; and the other services (Tax Clearance, VAT, etc.) afterwards. Just complete our easy online form below or call us toll free now.

Below follows our four Most Popular 'Pty Packages':

Register a company package
Register a Business Package

Shelf Packages: Do you urgently need to apply for a Tender / Contract / Property / Finance? Our Shelf Company Packages can get you going immediately with Tax Clearance; and a quick VAT Number. This means that we’ve done all the paperwork already and you can start trading NOW. Thus, you do not have to wait for the full 2-3 month compliance process. Options Follow:

Shelf Company Packages

Construction & Building Packages: Do you need to apply for a tender or contract in the Construction Industry? Our Construction & Building Packages will support you to become fully compliant. Options Follow:

Construction Company Registration
Industry Company Registration Packages
  • Industry Packages: You may also be interested in our ‘Industry Packages’ From R 4 990. They include Transport, Security and Construction Packages – click here to view.
  • Budget Options: You may also be interested in our ‘Budget Pty Options’ From R 880. We currently have special running – click here to view.
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Need a Shelf Company or a company registration number you can use today? We offer a variation of  Shelf Company Packages to suit your business needs. Get a Shelf Company Package Now.

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