LOCKDOWN PERIOD - CALL 082 380 6551 (for free consultation) LOCKDOWN PERIOD - CALL 082 380 6551 (for free consultation)

Company Registration Packages

Company Registration Packages: Do you need to apply for a tender or contract? Our Pty Packages provide everything you need in one package… with great discounts! All our Company Registration Packages starts with a Pty Company which are done in 24-hours; and the other services (Tax Clearance, VAT, etc.) afterwards. Just complete our easy online form below or call 082 380 6551 over lockdown period.

Below follows our four Most Popular Pty Packages:

List of shelf companies available in our company registration packages vat and elite tender packages

Shelf Packages: Do you urgently need to apply for a Tender / Contract / Property / Finance? Our Shelf Packages can get you going immediately with Tax Clearance, a VAT Number and a Letter of Good Standing. This means that we’ve done all the paperwork already and you can start trading NOW. Thus, you do not have to wait for the full compliance process – which can take 2-3 months. Call 082 380 6551 over the lockdown period. Or apply online below and a friendly Consultant will contact you asap. 

New list of tenders available on our company registration packages  New list of tender packages ready on our company registration services

Cheaper Options Available from R990…click here to view

Need a Shelf Company or a company registration number you can use today? We offer a variation of  Shelf Company Packages to suit your business needs.


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