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Deregister or Re-Instate Your Company

We Specialise in Company Deregistrations. You may want to (1) Deregister your Company; (2) Re-instate a Deregistered Company OR (3) Get your Company out of Deregistration… whatever you need, we can assist.

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1. I want to deregister my companyde-registration.

If you wish to deregister your existing company, we will prepare the legal documentation required and deregister your company at CIPC. Just complete the online form below to start.

Timeframe: 8 – 12 weeks
Cost: R 990 all inclusive.

2. I want to re-instate my company which has been finally deregistered.

CIPC requires all companies which has been deregistered to follow a re-instatement process. This is an extensive process where certain company documents need to be retrieved; re-instatement procedures at CIPC needs to be followed; a notice of the company’s existence needs to be communicated in a local newspaper; and lastly all the company’s outstanding Annual Returns needs to be paid in full.  We offer this extensive service in full.

Timeframe: 4 – 12 weeks
Cost: R 2990 initially. There are two processes that we will follow for which you can pay partly upfront and partly afterwards:
a) Re-instatement representation at CIPC: R 2990 (payable upfront)
b) Updating outstanding Annual Returns: CIPC will quote you after re-instatement (payable afterwards)
(Online application form at the bottom of this page)

3. My company is in the deregistration process and I want to stop it.

a) Beginning Stages of Deregistration:

If  your CC or Company is in ‘deregistration’ you first need to make sure if your Company can still be revived by getting your Annual Returns up to date. The total cost to revive the entity (including all fees and penalties) depends on the amount of years that the annual fee has been outstanding.  There will be no need for you to deal with CIPC or to open an admin panel with CIPC as we take care of that for you.

Revive your Company online by completing and submitting the Annual Returns Form online as soon as possible

b) Latter stages of Deregistration:

Sometimes the Deregistration Process is in its “Final Stage”, which means that you need to go with one of the following options:

1. You have to Register a New Pty
2. As mentioned before, we offer a ‘Re-instatement’ service for deregistered companies. If you would prefer to continue trading with your existing company, we can surely assist. Note that it will be a more expensive process than the Registration of a new Company. If you prefer this option, please complete the Application Form below.

To find out in what process of deregistration your CC / Company is, please complete and submit the Annual Returns Form online as soon as possible.



When Can I Deregister My Company?

A Business can be deregistered upon request from the company or close corporation or any other third party, provided that the company or close corporation has ceased to carry on business; and has no assets or, because of the inadequacy of its assets, there is no reasonable probability of the company or close corporation being liquidated.

Letter must be amended to allow for the following:
• The company or close corporation is not carrying on business or is dormant; and
• Has no assets, or because of the inadequacy of its assets, that there is no reasonable probability of the close corporation being liquidated (if third party, the statement must be supplemented with sufficient documentary proof confirming the statement);
• If the company or close corporation submits the request, the letter must be signed by at least 50% of the active directors of the company or members of the close corporation, or otherwise by the third party who is requesting the deregistration; and
• Tax number (if available).


What does CIPC require during a company re-instatement process?

The company or close corporation was in business at the time of deregistration (Sufficient documentary evidence in the form of bank statements for a period of six months before and six months after deregistration are required).

  • Multiple Deed search (reflecting ownership of immovable property or not);
  • Letter from the Department of Public Works, indicating that such department has no objection to the re-instatement, if it has immovable property;
  • Advertisement in a local newspaper giving 21 days notice of proposed application for re-instatement;
  • Sufficient documentary proof indicating that the company or close corporation was in business  (Provide evidence that the company was conducting business related activities at the time of deregistration, namely bank statements for a 12 month period that runs over the date of deregistration) or that it had any outstanding assets or liabilities (e.g. property, intellectual property rights) at the time of deregistration.


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