Company Registration at CIPC, SARS, COID, CUSTOMS, CIDB & More


Shelf Company Registration

A guide to Shelf Company Registration in South Africa Do you have questions on Shelf Company Registration in South Africa? In this guide, our business

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We’ve compiled everything you need to know about starting or running your own business in South Africa in our FREE Business Guides. Our latest FREE

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Free Business Education

Free Business 101 Educational Videos by Liam Stander (Co-Founder of Company Partners) How to Start My Own Business? How to develop a Business Model that

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Cross-Border Permits

Do you need a Cross-Border Permit? Our South African Cross-Border Specialist can get your Cross-Border Permit from the C-BRTA within 1 week.  Categories of Cross

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Partnership Agreement

Do you need to setup a Partnership Agreement in South Africa? We can assist you within only 24-hours @ only R990. Apply below or call

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How to Tender

HowToTender has recently joined forces with Company Partners to assist our Clients to make sure they are 100% Tender Compliant. Company Partners offers over 120

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More About Shelf Companies

What is a Shelf Company? A Shelf Company is a Pty (Ltd) Company format which previously has been registered with the CIPC (Dti). Characteristics Follow:

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Payroll Services South Africa

Do you need Monthly Payroll assistance at Affordable Pricing? Join hundreds of happy Clients who are trusting our Payroll Specialists with their Payroll Admin every

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ISO9001 Certification

Looking for ISO9001 Certification for your South African Business? We can assist! Apply below, or call us Toll Free on 0800 007 269 (free to

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Business Funding

Do you need Funding for your Business? We can connect you to the specific Business Funding Options available to your Business – in its current

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Being stuck behind a desk

Differences are what makes our world interesting. It also creates diversity in the products and services that are available to the public. This is what

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