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Our Online System: Do ALL your official Company Administration in one place.

Since 2015 we have been developing a sophisticated online system that empowers you to order, manage and store ALL your vital company administration online. We’re proud to have one of the first systems of its sort in South Africa.

company administration online

Doing paperwork takes time. Especially if you need documents from different places like CIPC, SARS, CIDB, COID, The Department of Labour and Customs. That’s why we created The Company Partners System.

company administration online

The Company Partners System is a simple online solution that Company Partners created in 2015 to help make company administration faster, easier and simpler.

Our system empowers you to order, manage and store vital company company documentation from various departments in one space. No queues. No time wasted. No confusion. All you need is the internet.

While you place your order online, the system works by connecting you with our team of Specialists. Our specialists then do the hard work for you. We work directly with the CIPC, SARS, CIDB, COID, The Department of Labour and Customs, on your behalf. Our team has helped thousands of South African entrepreneurs with company compliance, since 2004.

company administration online
This is one of the pages you will be able to access via your personal dashboard on our system. This page is a personalized Legal File that allows you an overview of what documents you already have and which services you could still order to grow your business. You can also download a summarized PDF version of your very own Legal File.

How it works

First, you sign up by connecting with one of our Business Experts. Next, we’ll assign you a specific Specialist.

This assigned Specialist will walk you through the cost, the timeframe and all the requirements of any specific service you need, whether it’s company registration, COID or for example an import and export license.

Your Specialist will also help you sign up for your personalized dashboard. This is where you get to manage, see and store everything you do in terms of company compliance.

From your personalized dashboard you can order over 120+ company services online.

We offer everything from company registration to Tender compliance to Tax, Vat and industry-specific registration. We even have specialized services like branding; business plans and accounting. You can download our full list here.


Keep in mind, these are just examples. You dashboard will be personalized to your unique business. You will also be assigned a dedicated Specialists to support and guide you through whatever business services you’re interested in.

Click on the pictures below to see the page previews.

Your Account Page

You can view, manage and store all your documents here.

The Service Page

You can order over 120 services here from the CIPC, SARS, COID, Customs, CIDB, NHBRC and more.

Your Company Legal File

This page will show what documents and registration you do have, and which you could get to grow your business.

Your downloadable Legal File

You can download a summary of your Legal File and this is what it would look like.

After you place an order and upload your required documents (for example a copy of your ID) online, you will be able to see exactly how long the process will take and also if there’s any requirements outstanding.

Once the service is done, you will receive your documents straight to your inbox and stored on your dashboard to download whenever you need it. That’s how simple it is.

You can connect with your assigned Specialist at any point via email or on our Toll-Free call line. This will connect you with your Specialist in our Head Offices.

If you need a particular document, for example Company Registration, before you can complete another form of compliance like for example CSD Registration, you can simply place an order for a Company Registration from your dashboard.

We also offer packages that allow you to pay less for multiple services.

company administration online

Here’s a few nifty features in our system that helps you stay in the loop on your documents at all times:

    • A Dedicated Specialist
    • Emails / SMS updates
    • Step-by-Step Guidance
    • Online application forms
    • Date stamps on every order
    • Online submission forms
    • Updates on finalizations dates by institutions (for example the CIPC)
    • Online storage space for ALL your documents in one place
    • A Feedback section
    • Our TOLL FREE call line
company administration online
company registration online

Step 1

Connect with one of our Business Experts for a FREE business consultation > BOOK YOUR FREE CONSULTATION. The Business Expert will walk you through the quick sign up process.

company administration online

Step 2

After you’re signed up, you will get access to your own dashboard where you can order over 120+ company services, from simple Pty Registrations to Directors name changes, to Accounting. Here’s a list of all our services.

company administration online

Step 3

On our dashboard you’ll have :

Your Account Page, which offers you an overview of all the documents you have and the documents you can order that’ll possibly help you grow your business.

Your Company Legal File will help you keep track of all the documents you have in which areas. You can also download a condensed version of this as a PDF.

The Service Page, where you can order over 120 company administration services. You can also use this page to track when you’ll receive your document or whether there’s any hold-ups, like an outstanding document on your end or a holdup at the CIPC.

company administration online

Step 4

Now all your documents are stored in one place, so whenever you need a paper-based document, you can simply download it here. If you ever need another company service or if you’re looking for ways to expand your business, you can take a look at your Legal File, and order whatever you need from your dashboard.

Our online systems help you order vital company documentation from the CIPC, the DTi, SARS, DOL and the CIDB from one place – with the guided assistance of a dedicated specialist.

company administration online

Here’s what our Timeline feature looks like after you’ve placed an order, submitted all the necessary requirements and application forms and after your order is complete.

The Timeline feature breaks down the entire process in simple dates. You’ll notice the Timeline feature logs all the details: when your job was created, when you submitted the necessary documentations and application forms, when the final submission was made to the relevant institution, like for example the CIPC. It also logs the expected turnaround time.

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