Do you need to Register a Company and / or Trust in Mauritius? We help South Africans online or in-person.

With offices in Switzerland, Mauritius and South Africa, we have been setting up Offshore Companies and Trusts for our Clients for more than 15 years. We provide formation, management and administration services for our clients who invest, open business or trade in and through Africa using the fiscal benefits of Mauritius as a recognised and reputable International Financial Centre.

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You will be assisted by our local Representative (a South African Chartered Accountant / CA) whom has lived and worked in Mauritius, and now represent South Africans from within South Africa.  We can visit you in person if needed (if you are based in Gauteng, Cape Town, Durban or Bloemfontein), or through a Zoom / Skype meeting (you can be based anywhere).

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Requirements for Offshore Company Formation in Mauritius

We can provide more details and assistance about the above requirements. Note that the 3 week setup timeframe starts when we receive the above documents.

Benefits of Mauritius as an International Financial Centre for South Africans

– Free choice of functional currency
– No tax on dividends, interest or royalty income and no withholding taxes. Double Taxation Avoidance Treaties
– Low or no income tax, no stamp duties and no capital gains tax
– No exchange controls
– Stable political, investment and banking environment, with a well established company and corporate law
– Open policies for expatriate professionals
– Enabling laws allowing for access to key region economic blocs, tax treaties and investment promotion treaties to reduce withholding taxes, customs duties and taxes on capital
– Attractive fiscal policies and administrative ease of doing business
– Favourable time-zone for South Africans