Do you require Tax Registration Verification for your Company in South Africa? Our Tax Registration Verification service includes the following: Activation of your Company’s SARS E-filing Profile, communicating your Company’s Tax Number to you, uploading your Company’s Banking Details to SARS, appointment of the Public Officer, and verification of your Company’s details with SARS.

Our Professional Tax Practitioner will help you with all of this.


Requirement checklist for Tax Registration Verification



To start the process, apply on this page below or call us Toll Free on 0800 007 269 (free to dial from Cellphones and Landlines).


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You can be located anywhere in South Africa, as this is an easy online service. Just complete and submit the easy online application form below, and a friendly Consultant will contact you to assist.

The South African Revenue Services (SARS) requires all SA based Companies to be registered for Tax before they can do business. This Tax Number enables the Company to pay / claim tax at SARS. 


  1. A Company. You need a Registered Pty Company.
  2. Tax Number. All New Companies registered in or after 2015 do not have to go to SARS to obtain a Tax Number – CIPC registers your Company for Income Tax when you register your Company. If your Company was registered in or after 2015, and you do not know your Tax number, we will assist.
  3. Personal Tax Number. The Director(s) needs to be registered for Tax and therefore have a Personal Income Tax Number. If not, we can assist at an additional cost.

Tax Registration Verification at SARS

Advantages of Tax Registration Verification at SARS:

  1. Legitimacy: Your Company needs to be registered for tax with SARS as required by the South African law.
  2. Tenders and Contracts: You need a Company tax number for Tenders and Contracts.
  3. VAT: Tax Registration is a requirement for VAT Registration.
  4. Trust: Customers will see that you are a legitimate business and that you are trustworthy.

The Process for Tax Registration Verification:

  1. Apply below. You need to complete and submit the online application below. Your dedicated Consultant will then contact you shortly.
  2. We communicate with SARS on your behalf. Our Professional Tax Practitioner ensures that your Tax Registration Verification is processed correctly and in good time.
  3. Start using your Tax Registration Number. Our SARS Department will ensure your Verification is successful in the quickest possible timeframe. We will email your Tax Verification Confirmation to you.


Our in-house Tax Practitioner, Jack Liebenberg, is affiliated with:

Company Tax Services which includes Tax Registration / Verification / Clearance / VAT Company Tax Services, Tax Registration, Tax Verification, Tax Clearance, VAT


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Our other SARS Service


Tax Registration Verification (Apply above)
R 490
Tax Clearance Combo (Includes Tax Registration Verification) R 990
Tax Clearance Certificate R 590
VAT Registration (Mandatory / Voluntary) R 2 290
UIF / PAYE /  SDL Registration R 1 890
Import / Export License
R 2450

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