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CIPC Annual Returns - Everything SA Business Owners
Need to Know

CIPC Annual Returns

In this post we discuss the main questions South African Businesses ask about CIPC Annual Returns and the importance to file your Annual Returns on time.

What are CIPC Annual Returns?

Annual returns are used by CIPC (Companies and Intellectual Property Commissions) to determine the company’s current information for taxable income. Whilst an Annual Return report is not a financial document, it is public record to confirm a company’s compliance.

Click HERE to see the Official CIPC Notice.


Who must file Annual Returns and when is it due?

Any business registered under the South African CIPC portal is required, by law, to file the company Annual Returns on a yearly basis. A particular company’s Annual Returns will become available in the month in which the company was registered or on the anniversary date of the company. Penalties will be incurred on Annual Returns that are not filed on time and companies who fail to file their Annual Returns on time run the risk of having their business forcefully de-registered by CIPC.

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What are the Main Advantages of filing Annual Returns?

The main advantage is your company would stay complaint. By keeping your company up to date with its Annual Returns, you will ensure that you are able and ready to apply for any tender or contract opportunity that may come your way! Other advantages include not having to pay penalties incurred from filing late or filing a backlog of years or facing the possibility of de-registration.


What will happen if I do not file my Annual Returns on time?

Companies are given 30 days grace after the Annual Return due date to file the return. Any submission filed thereafter will be liable for a penalty fee on top of the annual return fee. The overall penalty fee will range from R100,00 to R4000,00 depending on the annual turnover of the company and the type of entity. CIPC will start the de-registration process as soon as one Annual Return submission is missed.

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Do I need to file Annual Returns if I have not been trading?

Much as companies are required to declare the annual turnover for a trading company, CIPC also requires those dormant companies to declare a zero-rand turnover. Therefor all companies, trading or not, are required to file the Annual Returns yearly.


Do I need to file my Annual Returns if I plan on de-registering my company?

Although CIPC reserves the right to de-register any company whom fails to file their Annual Returns, the forceful de-registration will still be on public record and reflect on the director’s names. For this reason, the Annual returns, as well as the companies tax affairs, will need to be in order before a voluntary de-registration may take place. The same principle applies for any amendment’s requested to be made to the company’s documents.

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What is needed to file Annual Returns at CIPC?

You will need your CIPC customer code and password to gain access to your portal. Thereafter the entity’s information, director information and annual company turnover will be declared, and the Annual Return amount will be calculated by the portal. Payments are to be made via EFT. On completion of filing your Annual Return, you will receive a notice of confirmation.

As this year was difficult for all of us, Company Partners will cover your CIPC penalty fee in full if you want to make use of our services to file your Annual Return. T&C’s – only valid for (1) your 2021 penalties; (2) for quotes / payment completed on or before 10 December 2021; (3) for companies whose turnover is less than R1 million for the past year.


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