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SANAS Accredited BEE Certificate


BEE Certificate South Africa

Do you need a SANAS BEE Certificate? If your Company’s turnover (sales) is more than R10 million per year – you qualify. We have a team of BEE Lawyers and Specialists who are ready to assist you. As a SANAS BEE Certificate expert in South Africa, we will advise you how to maximise your BBBEE scorecard to get more Tenders and Contracts.

If your turnover (sales) is less than R10 million per year, you can obtain a free BEE Affidavit here

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Given the complexity of BBBEE and the scorecard, many employers lack the knowledge of what BEE compliance really means. Some employers continue to think that compliance means black-owned businesses when this is only one aspect of the scorecard. Compliance in Skills development and Enterprise and Supplier Development can effect your BEE Score by One Level. Because Companies differ, the specific requirements of each business needs to be addressed accordingly with the correct BBBEE strategies which is customised by our BBBEE experts in order to accommodate each Company’s needs. We take the confusion and fear out of BEE-compliance and replace it with confidence.


Our SANAS BEE Certificate Specialists:

  • We have been SANAS accredited since 2009.
  • We have a national footprint and therefor we can cover BEE verification across all industries – nationally.
  • We are rated as one of the 5 biggest BEE Rating Agencies in South Africa; and have a strong BEE Certificate team who is focused on maximising the scorecards of their clients.

Costs: It ranges between R 8 000 and R 100 000 depending on the size and complexity of your company. We will asses your needs and then quote you before you will need to pay anything.

Please note that if your Company’s annual turnover / sales is below R10 million a year, you can get a free BEE affidavit from us here


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