We offer business banking solutions for our South African and International clients. You can choose a Credit Solutions Bank Account or a Small Business Bank Account.

Business Bank Accounts with Personal Service

If you are a client (who has used our services before), you have the option to get personal service from a Nedbank Business Consultant at NO COST. By our request a Nedbank Business Consultant will visit your premises / house and open a business bank account for you. If you are not a client of ours, the cost is R250.


Nedbank You will receive personal service by a Nedbank Business Bank Account Consultant in your area. All the options include transactional abilities for your business:

Requirements for the personal Business Banking service

Your options

1. Start-up Bank Account & Finance

This option allows you to apply for R100 000 or more in finance for your business and get a new business bank account. For the next two years you will get FREE transactional bank account which includes unlimited Debit orders; Cash deposits; Internet Banking; and Cheques from your own chequebook.

Additional Requirements:

2. Business Enabler Account

This option will allow you to apply for finance for your business and get a business bank account. This would typically be for a business who needs small loans (less than R100 000) and does not have much capitalisation. Costs starts at only R54 per month. 

3. Business Bank Account

These accounts are not packaged with loans. It allows you to have normal business bank account capabilities. Costs starts at only R54 per month. 

4. Business Bank Accounts for foreigners

This option is specifically for foreign nationals who are starting a company in South Africa. We can open a bank account for you at Nedbank Business or Investec. 

Additional Finance option

If your business has much potential, Business Partners is a great financing house where you can apply. Click here to download the Business Partners brochure.


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