LOCKDOWN PERIOD - CALL 082 380 6551 (for free consultation) LOCKDOWN PERIOD - CALL 082 380 6551 (for free consultation)

Get a Company Name in South Africa

Do you need to register a Company Name in South Africa?  We can reserve and secure your New Unique Company Name for only R290, within 24 hours.

Every great business starts with a great Company Name! There are over 600 Company Names reserved at the CIPC on a daily basis. So the good Business Names options are running out day-by-day. The sooner you reserve your Company Name, the better. Or buy one of our pre-reserved Company Names to make things easier (we have some great ideas for you, and they are already approved and reserved). Apply on this page below or call 082 380 6551 over lockdown for free consultation.

How to Reserve Your Own Company Name in South Africa through Company Partners:

  • APPLY. Enter your new Company Name in the application form below.
  • RESERVATION. We will then reserve your Company Name at the CIPC within 24 hours after payment.
  • FINALISE. In the case where the Company Name you want already exists, our Consultants will assist you to get the closest possible alternative name reserved. It will basically be the same name. If we can’t do that – you’ll get your money back.
  • NAME SECURED. Your business name will be reserved for 6 months – during this period you will need to Register a Company to make it your property forever (we can assist with this process as well – easy and fast).

COST: R290 Once-off All Inclusive. 

TIMEFRAME: 24 hours. 

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