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Cross-Border Permits

Do you need a Cross-Border Permit? Our Cross-Border Specialists will get your Cross-Border Permit from the C-BRTA within 1 week. 

Transport Operators who want to conduct cross-border-road-transport-business in South Africa and the neighbouring countries, needs to get the required Cross Border Permit. This is done through a respresentative at the Cross-Border Road Transport Agency (C-BRTA). This is where we come in – we specialise in getting this done as quick as possible. Apply on this page or call us toll free for consultation.


Categories of Cross Border Permits

C-BRTA offers different types of permits for passenger and freight road transport operators. These are categorized as follows:

    • Goods Permits.
    • Bus Passenger Permits.
  • Taxi Passenger Permits.
  • Tourist Passenger Permits.
  • Organized Group Permits.
  • Cabotage Permits.

We will assist you in the understanding of what you will need for your specific transportation contract.


  • Roadworthy Certificate for your vehicle.
  • Registration Certificate for your vehicle.
  • Company Registration Document – we can assist.
  • Tax Clearance Certificate for your Company – we can assist.

Price: R 4 890 (All Inclusive) (14 Day Permit)

Should you require a permit for a longer period, the fees will be more. We will quote you upon application if you need one of the following permits:

  • Class 1 (Below 20 000kg) : 3 Month Permit.
  • Class 1 (Below 20 000kg) : 1 Year Permit.
  • Class 2 (Above 20 000kg): 3 Month Permit.
  • Class 2 (Above 20 000kg) : 1 Year Permit.

Apply Below – Your Consultant Will Advise.

Timeframe: 2 – 5 Working Days.

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