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Effective Management of your Company

Far too often managers operate in such a way that reminds of a parent and child relationship. Managers operate psychologically like parents and treat their employees like their children. This may lead to managers not using Effective Management to realize the full potential, creativity and productivity of their employees.

effective management

Some of the managers that have this style of managing often feel that they want to make the majority of decisions on behalf of their employees. They want to remain in control. This puts an immediate restriction on the creativity of their workforce. Some of these managers also like to be intimidating to the other employees. Another concern it that these types of managers are more likely to try and train their employees, rather than to send them on training courses. This only leads to counter productiveness. In some cases it will lead to employees quitting. Here is an Article about this. 

Employees that work under this type of management, almost always ask their managers before they do anything. They are afraid of their manager’s reaction if they would do something on their own. They seldom use any form of creativity to solve problems. These employees also do as little as possible to draw attention to themselves. The general feeling that surrounds these employees is uncertainty and worries about the security of their job.

To entrepreneurial senior managers, this type of behavior is the total opposite of what they want in an employee. What these employers want is for the employee to make their own decisions, find more effective ways to deal with problems and discovering the next great thing. Employees also want to feel that their managers have faith in their capabilities.

There are a few things that can be done to prevent, or even counter this style of management.

Determine your effective management style:

Sometimes managers do not even realize that they have this type of management style. The first step will be to determine your effective management style. An easy way to establish whether you are one of these managers is simply to count how many times a day you are asked to make a decision for one of your employees. Here is a great article about using different Effective Management Styles. 

Ask around:

Whenever in doubt, it is always best to ask people their opinion on your management style. You should also remember not to take offense or make a comment on the feedback that you get. Keep in mind that it is a process to improve your effective management skills, as well as the improvement of your employees’ skills.

Just stop:

This may come across as a bit harsh, but it is probably the best way to get your employees on track. When an employee comes to you, wanting you to make a decision on their behalf, just stop and say no. You can however lead employees in the right direction, but never make a decision obvious to them. Let them know that you want them to find solutions to the problems that confronts them.

Be open to input:

In the event that you have decided on a specific way to do something in a certain way, do not feel offended if an employee brings something better to the table. When you allow your employees to be creative, they will come up with great ideas that you might not even have considered. So do not dismiss their idea. Look at it and if it is really a better idea, then it will be best for your business to go with it. This is a great way to exercise effective management. 

Risk failure:

When your employees are new to making their own decisions, they are bound to make a mistake at some point. Just remember not to overreact when a wrong decision was made. Rather sit down with the employee and analyze the situation with them, giving them useful tips and hints. This will give them more confidence to make better decisions in the future.

This might be a demanding process for your employees, but it is for the best. Once your employees are used to making their own decision, you can be assured of greater creativity and productivity within your business when using an effective management style.

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