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How to become an entrepreneur in SA?

One of the questions that have been enjoying quite a lot of attention, is whether anyone can become an entrepreneur. This topic has been debated over and different people have come to different conclusions. The fact of the matter is that even though a degree might come in handy, it is not always necessary.


Basically, anybody can become an entrepreneur. Nowhere it is said that you must have a degree in order to be allowed to open your own business. Starting up is very simple through consultants such as who has ‘start-up packages‘ available. It is as easy as filling in a few forms and registering your business. There you have it; you are an entrepreneur! To be a successful entrepreneur is not as easy though…

The main reason that some people should rather not become an entrepreneur is that they are just not cut out for it. To become an entrepreneur will take a lot of effort and time. True entrepreneurs are very dedicated to what they do and they do not get thrown off course when they encounter an obstacle in their path. Entrepreneurs have an absolute passion for what they do. 

A lot of people tend to think that they are going to take their skills and passions and start their own businesses. The big question remains. What will you need to make a success of your business venture? It is not a master’s degree in business. Neither a qualification that you studied for over a few years. You will not even need to have experience with start-up businesses. You also do not need to have a lot of money in the bank or the best business idea. Nothing of these things really matters. These things might help you in your quest to start your own business, but it is not necessary or essential.

The only true thing that is needed to run a successful business is a passion for your business; be willing to work; and learn from your mistakes. All the other things that you need to have to be successful comes from these two qualities. So all you really need is passion and willingness. Once you have these two qualities, all the others will follow.

The most common reason that some people do not make it as entrepreneurs, are simple. They do not have enough motivation and the risk overpowers them; or they started the business for all the wrong reasons. Profit should be the fruit (reward) for a great business; not the main motivation. You will be surprised that some of the most successful entrepreneurs did not start their businesses to make money. They became successful because they had a passion for what they do and wanted to deliver a service or product to the best of their abilities. The money came as a bonus for them.

There is also something within an entrepreneur that drives them to be more and to do more. When they have completed a task, they do not simply stop. An entrepreneur is only happy once they have set a new goal and are working towards it. To become a successful entrepreneur, you should also remember that a successful business is built by a lot of small actions that adds up at the end of the day. This might take a few years, but an entrepreneur enjoys the process.

To get back to the main point, you do not need a qualification to become an entrepreneur, but it will certainly be to your advantage. It has never hurt anyone to know a bit more about the environment they are working in. If you have a willingness to work and a passion for doing business, then there is really nothing that can stop you.



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