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How to successfully apply for Government Tenders
(6 Steps with tips)

How to apply and win Government Tenders in South Africa
(we answer FAQs and offer you a step-by-step guide). 

Government Tenders win South Africa

This post on winning Government Tenders was updated in January 2020.

Considering applying for Government Tenders? Wondering how to make sure you submit an application that ticks all the required marks? In this post, we’ll help you get all the paperwork you need to be eligible for Government Tenders. We’ll also give you practical tips to help you make the entire compliance process faster and simpler, so you can successfully apply for Government Tenders in South Africa. Before we go into a step-by-step guide, here are two frequently asked questions we get on Government Tenders in South Africa.

Tips to win Government Tenders in South Africa

Should your business apply for Government Tenders?

We asked Tender Expert and How2Tender Director, Wynand Cronjé, whether the South African Government is a good client to help grow your business, and why?

“The bulk of Tender contracts are for periods of 2 to 3 years, which means companies delivering as per their bid proposal have sustainable contracts upon which to grow their businesses,” explains the director of How2Tender.

“As the largest procurer of goods and services in South-Africa with a budget of roughly R1.56 trillion, the Government can be a very lucrative client.”

Are Government Tenders corrupt?

Many businesses have a common misconception that all Government Tenders are corrupt, says Cronjé.

“The bulk of tenders are awarded fairly and according to the preferential procurement act which factors in technical compliance, pricing and B-BBEE.”

“The key is to ensure you deliver compliant and effective bid responses. Educating yourself in this regard is crucial,” Cronjé explains.

How can I find the right Tenders and make sure my Tender application is complete?

We’ve created 6 simple steps below for you to follow to make sure your Tender Application for a Government Contract is complete in terms of compliance. In addition, we’ve added some helpful tips on faster and easier ways of getting Government Tender Compliance faster. As a Fast-tracked Company Compliance business, we offer a wide range of Company Services to make life easier for South African entrepreneurs like you.

How to get Government Tenders

6 Steps to successfully applying for Government Tenders:

Government Tenders

Step 1: Find Government Tenders relevant to your business

The first thing you need to do is find a Tenders or an RFQ that fits your business. Tenders and RFQ’s are advertised in various places, ranging from newspapers to websites.

You can find the Government’s weekly Tender bulletins right HERE, unfortunately, it’s usually over 200 pages long.

Consequently, the easiest way to find the right Tenders and RFQ’s is probably Tender notification services.

A Tender notification service notifies you whenever there’s a new Tender available in your area that’s relevant to your business.

Helpful Tips:

We offer three services that include a Tender Leads and Notification Service:

How to get Government Tenders

Government Tenders

Step 2: Ensure your business can complete the job

Winning a Tender means two things: firstly, that the Government has chosen you as the most promising supplier and secondly, that you’re going to take on the Government as one of your clients.

Consequently, you have to make sure you have the staff, the cash flow, the skills and the equipment to deliver the services the Government needs at the proposed rate and within the proposed timeframe – just like with any other client.

Luckily, if you don’t have the cash flow needed for a 2 to 3-year contract, there are funds and loans available from multiple institutions for Tenders.

Helpful Tips:

  • We offer a Tender Funding tool that connects you with over 300 funding options available and assists you in finding the best loan/funding opportunities for your business, in South Africa.
  • Our Professional Business Plan service empowers your business with a plan of action to direct your Company and to assure potential funders and loaners of your Company’s competency.

Government Tenders

Tips to win Government Tenders in South Africa


Step 3: Register on the Central Supplier Database (CSD)

Your business has to be registered on the Central Supplier Database (CSD) in order to apply for Government Tenders.

The CSD is the Government’s list of approved suppliers. To get your business on this list, you have to complete an online registration on the National Treasury’s website where you’ll be required to provide your details along with compulsory Company documentation (also see step 4).

Once submitted, the Government will asses your documentation and add you if everything is in order.

Helpful Tips:

Tips to win Government Tenders in South Africa

Government Tenders

Step 4: Get the required Company Documentation in order

Very often Companies apply for Government Tenders without complying with the list of requirements or without submitting the necessary documentation. Consequently will result in being eliminated before you even get a chance to compete with the other applicants.

Make sure you read the Tender Document thoughtfully and make sure you get all the required Company documentation in order.

Helpful Tips:

We’ve employed a team of experts that know exactly what documentation you need for the Tenders in your industry, whether it be Construction, Security, Cleaning or other industries:

Tips to win Government Tenders in South Africa

If you only need specific documents, call our Toll-Free number, 0800 007 269, right now for a FREE consultation.

Government Tenders

Step 5: Fill out your first Tender Application before the deadline

First of all, make sure you submit your application well before the closing date to avoid having an incomplete application, by the time of the deadline.

Allow yourself enough time to research what good Tender responses look like and how competitive your pricing can realistically be.

Helpful Tips:

Our 1on1 Tender Assistance includes guidance on your first Tender application.

Government Tenders

Step 6: Repeat the process until you reach Tender success!

Now that you’ve completed your first Tender application, the trick is mastering your Government Tender applications.

As a result of great, competitive Tender responses you’ll be paving your way to Tender success soon enough!

Helpful Tips:

Call Company Partners toll free on 0800 007 269 for all your tender documentation.


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