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More About Shelf Companies

What is a Shelf Company?

A Shelf Company is a Pty (Ltd) Company format which previously has been registered with the CIPC (Dti).

Characteristics Follow:

  • Never traded before.
  • No assets / liabilities.
  • Was Registered with the sole purpose to be sold.

If you need a Company within less than a week, a Shelf Company is your only option. Especially if you have an upcoming tender or contract for which you need to apply within a few days.



  1. IMMEDIATELY upon purchasing a Shelf Company from us you will receive the Registration Documents and Registration Number. You can start using the Company Registration Number immediately. Add a Nedbank Business Account if you wish.
  2. Then we’ll make you the formal Director and Shareholder of the Company. You will receive the amended Company Registration Documents with the newly appointed Directors and new Company Name of your choice. This takes 10-20 working days (depending on CIPC).
  3. You will be able to change the Bank Account Details on the Company to that of your own once the Director Changes have been successful (if you chose this option) and start receiving money into the account within 48 hours.
  4. Additional services that you need will require additional time: VAT Registration, Tax Clearance and a Letter of Good Standing.

Shelf Companies Options – LIMITED STOCK

We’re offering Shelf Companies starting @ R1990:

  • 2014-2019 Shelf Companies.
  • Add an Active Bank Account.
  • Add Tax Clearance.
  • Add an Active VAT Number.

R990 for a New Company: Cheaper New Company Registration options are available from only R990click here to view

Free Inclusions! All these costs are once-off payments and each Shelf Company includes Free Share Certificates, a Free ‘Tax Number’ and ‘Official BEE Affidavit’.

Free Name Change (included in price for all options).
Free Director Change (included in price for all options).
Free Address Change (included in price for all options).
Free Share Transfer (included in price for all options).
Free Share Certificates (included in price for all options).
Free Income Tax Number (included in price for all options).
Free BEE Affidavit (included in price for all options).
Tax Clearance (included with selected options).
Business Bank Account (included with selected options).
VAT Number (optional @ additional cost).

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