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Online Security

Due to recent happenings everybody has made online security a priority. Unfortunately, there is no plan that will give you 100% security. Luckily, there are a few plans that you can put in place which will help you improve your online security and minimize the risk.

Online Security

A lot of the trusted online sites have also been upgraded to improve their online security. Some websites require that you have some sort of online security software installed. Other websites require that you sign up in order to log into their websites, which makes it more secure.

The bad news is that nobody is totally safe on the internet. The internet is not a very safe place and almost any website can get hacked. Being online is still very new to us and we are still learning how to protect ourselves against cyber crimes. With all of this said, there is luckily a lot of ways in which you can protect yourself with online security.

Password Safety

There are several ways to keep a strong password, but everything has a potential weakness. Password manager has always been a great way to improve online security. You do not have to remember all the different passwords for the sites; the manager does that for you. The passwords that the password manager generate are also incomprehensible, which makes the password more secure.

If you do not trust password managers, the best thing you can do is to pick a phrase. This phrase can be for instance, “There can only be one”. Then you can use the first letter of every word and change the number into its numerical equivalent. That will result in “Tcob1”. Then you can add symbols that are easy to remember, like “Tcob1?!”. There you have an easy to remember password that is relatively safe to help with your online security. In following this approach, it gives you all the aspects of a strong password. These aspects are lowercase and capital letters, at least one number and special characters.

Credit Card Protection

Over the last couple of years there might have been a misconception about the online security in the use of a credit card for online shopping. A lot of people believe that it is the most dangerous thing to do when online. The matter of the fact is, that buying online with a credit card is just as risky as using it at a real shop. There might still be a chance that your card numbers might have been intercepted and used for unauthorized transaction.

Some banks offer temporary card number which is nice if you want to shop online. If your bank offers this online security service, it will be the safest way to do your online shopping. If you are unsure about a website you are using to make an online purchase, you can generate a credit card number that will expire after the first time you use it. This way you ensure that nobody can withdraw any money from that number.

Banking Security

When you use online banking, it is crucial to protect yourself against potential threats. Never give out personal information or you secret codes. When you are not sure about something that is online, pop into your nearest branch and ask the employees there how the process works. Some banks even offer to help you with online banking which makes the process easier. But still, do not give your private information to the person assisting you. When it is needed, just read your information into the computer.

The famous saying that goes, “rather be safe than sorry”, is undoubtedly the truth when it comes to online security. Ensure that you have the right procedures in place to ensure your online security and to browse with piece of mind.



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