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Transport Business Plan (Specialised)

Do you need a Transport Business Plan / Logistics Business Plan? Our Transport Specialist can assist you to setup a professional Transport Business Plan (including research) and do your Finance Application. All within 2 weeks @ only R9990. (We also have a basic Business Plan service for R 3890).

For the South African Transport Industry you’ll need a very Comprehensive Business Plan to get tenders / contracts / finance. Our Transport Business Plan includes everything you need: an in-depth Industry Analysis, Competitor Analysis, Customer Segment Research and Macro Environment Research. All of which are put together by our Specialist in Transport Business Plans! To start, apply on this page or call us on 082 380 6551 over lockdown in South Africa.

Included in a Transport Business Plan:

  • 25-40 Pages.
  • In-depth research by our Transport Business Plan specialist (we only require very basic info from you – we do all the hard work).
  • Word Template For Future Editing.
  • 5 Year Financial Projection for your Transport / Logistics Company.
  • Professional Transport Business Plan Layout.
  • In-Depth Target Market Analysis.
  • In-Depth Customer Segmentation.
  • In-Depth Logistics Industry Analysis.
  • Transport Industry Trends.
  • In-Depth Competitor Analysis.
  • Macro Environment Analysis.
  • In-Depth Business Model Description.
  • Competitive Advantage & Unique Selling Point.
  • SWOT Analysis.
  • Complimentary Finance Application (NEF Fund).

NB: We write and finalise a Comprehensive Transport Business Plan on your behalf, requiring only very basic information from you. The in-depth research will be done by our Business Plan specialist.

Our Transport Business Plans are designed for Applications at:

  • All Finance / Funding Institutes.
  • All Transport Tenders / Logistics Contracts.
  • All National Industry Regulators.

As a bonus you will also have a plan / road-map from which to a start your transport business in South Africa and track your progress.

Our Transport Business Plan Specialists: Brend Badenhorst and Christopher Graham.








They have enabled more than 50 Transport Companies in South Africa to have a Business Plan which can be taken straight to any Financial Institution.


Timeframe: 10 Working Days



  • R 9 990 for a “Spesialised” Transport Business Plan – includes Industry Knowledge, Research and a Complimentary Finance Application.
  • R 3 890 for a Basic Business Plan – contact us toll free on 0800 007 269 for assistance.



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