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A Start-up Workshop for South African Entrepreneurs

The Start-up Workshop for Entrepreneurs

Research shows that 98% of people with a great business idea NEVER actually start their own business. StartUpSuccess has developed a world-class Start Up Workshop to setup a “Start Up Plan” to launch a business successfully.

What exactly is the The Start Up Workshop?

‘The Start Up Workshop’ is an online workshop for start-ups in South AfricaThe workshop trains you on how to start your business step by step, in less than one week!

Unlocking payments is one of the biggest challenges of starting a business successfully. This Start-up workshop will guide you through communication methods, phases of making a sale and your sales pitch. AKA: How to get money in the bank! It will show you how to plan and execute each specific area in your business, so that you can get going and start trading.

The Start Up Workshop will train anyone with a great idea to start their business successfully.

To watch a introduction video on ‘The Start Up Workshop” Click Here.

How will ‘The Start Up Workshop’ benefit Entrepreneurs in SA?

This online workshop will empower South African entrepreneurs with the knowledge, resources and practical application skills to start their business successfully. In turn, it will help them grow into a profitable enterprise that contributes to the growth of their economy. StartUpSuccess’ registered Business Coach, Brend Badenhorst, took the best, most practical start-up strategies and created the start-up workshop bringing success to all start-ups in South Africa.

Workshop Outline

Module 1: Start-up Strategy
Module 2: Business Model
Module 3: Management
Module 4: Compliance
Module 5: My Start-up Plan

Workshop Requirements

What you get when you complete the Workshop:

A Start Up Certificate: Receive a Certificate of Completion to show your commitment to becoming a Success! A Start Up Plan: Upon completion walk away with a Start Up to get trading within 1 Month! Feedback on your Plan: Receive honest feedback on your completed Start Up Plan from one of our Advisors.
One (1) Free Coaching Session: Receive a Coaching session from a Registered Business Coach for FREE! Subject to T&C’s.
certificate example

Do you want to start up a business but don’t know where to start? Join thousands of entrepreneurs who use our world-class Start Up Workshop to launch their business successfully. Click HERE to get started!

Watch the video below for more information on the Workshop
and registered Business Coach, Brend Badenhorst.

LIMITED Offer: Join our Start-up Workshop today for FREE! Click HERE to Sign up Now!

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