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Do you need to submit a Compensation Fund Claim? If one of your Employees have obtained an IOD (Injury on Duty), your Company is responsible legally to follow the ‘Compensations Fund Claims’ Process. Apply for assistance on this page and our specialist will assist you to get this done in less than 1 week – for Only R1290. 

Who can claim at the Compensation Fund? In short – if a Company is COID Registered and in good standing with COID, it can claim compensation when one of it’s employees have been in an accident on duty. Only domestic workers in private homes are excluded. In the case of an employee who is fatally injured, his / her dependents can also claim compensation. Apply on this page to get expert assistance or just call our toll free number 0800 007 269.


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The Four Kinds of Compensation which can be Claimed: Compensation Fund Claim

  1. Medical expenses.
  2. Temporary disability.
  3. Permanent disability.
  4. Death benefits.

Compensation Fund Claims Registration Process (for any Injury / IOD)

  1. The employee must report the injury or disease immediately to their employer or supervisor.
  2. The employer applies for this service.
  3. We’ll advise the employer on the next steps and documents required from the Hospital, Doctor and Company.
  4. We’ll submit the employer’s claim at the Compensation Fund and you’ll be provided with an event / claim number to confirm that the claim is being processed.

Price: R1290 (All Inclusive)

Timeframe: 3-5 Working Days

Requirement: ONLY Employers can apply – NOT Employees

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