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Online or Printed Marketing?

In the last couple of years, there have been major changes in the way we do things. People have changed their ways and more people are online than ever. For this reason, a lot of businesses have taken up
online marketing. What will you choose, online or printed marketing?

Online or Printed Marketing?

Online marketing has become so popular over the last few years, that there are some businesses that have completely eliminated printed marketing from their budgets. Then there are also some of these businesses that have not even placed one advertisement on the internet. Following this phenomenon, there have originated a debate. Which one of these two approaches are the best? Online or Printed Marketing?

Knowing Your Marketing Objectives

There is unfortunately not just one strategy that will work for all kinds of businesses. For this reason it is vital to know which people you are marketing to. When you know this, you will be able to plan your strategies a lot easier and effectively. Use the following pointers to determine your marketing objectives.

  • Determine your target market. This point cannot be stretched enough. In order for your business to be successful, it is vital to know your target market. You should determine which is the best way to reach your target market. Knowing the habits of your target market will give you a better idea of whether they are more likely to be online or not.
  • You will also have to determine the activities that will need to take place when doing online marketing, as well as printed media.
  • The period over which the marketing should take place should also be determined. This will also play an important role when you have to decide between printed and online marketing.
  • Evaluating the living conditions of your target market is also important. In a country like South Africa, this is also a critical point to take note of for there is quite a large gap between the poor and the rich. You should consider your targets market’s accessibility to online marketing, but also to printed marketing.


Online Marketing

Online marketing involves the promotion of your product or services through internet channels. This has become a popular way of marketing in the last few years. Especially in larger cities online marketing has become the way to go. Most people that live in these cities have access to the internet. In some gathering places there have also been televisions put up where businesses can advertise. You can promote your business through websites, emails, social media and even blogs.

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Printed Marketing

This is seen as the traditional way to market your business. Printed marketing is still more popular in the smaller towns and countrysides in South Africa. The pace is much slower in these towns and not all people have access to the internet. This is just one of the reasons why it is important to know your target market. Printed marketing includes brochures, flyers and advertisements in newspapers.

When you have the budget available, it is advised to make use of both online and printed marketing. People are quite different when it comes to their preferences when viewing advertisements. Some find it distracting when they are online and other people tend to toss the marketing sections away. This is the precise reason why it is important to make use of both strategies. It Is also easy to google for a service or product near your location or just to grab a newspaper and search for what you are looking for.

The only wrong way to go is to not do marketing at all. Whether you make use of online or printed marketing, both will see to it that people will notice your business. Analyze your market well and you will find the best way to market your product or service.



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