Company Maintenance Plan

A Company Maintenance Plan to keep your South African Company CIPC-Compliant and Tender-ready.

Please note this page does not serve as legal advice and it’s important to check for any regulation changes at the relevant authorities.

On this page, we will walk you through our Company Maintenance Plan and why it’s important to keep your company complaint all-year-round. We will also answer some frequently asked questions about CIPC and company compliance in SA.

Before we dive into the CIPC and Compliance FAQs, here’s how our Company Maintenance Plan can support your business in South Africa. Scroll down for our CIPC FAQs.

Our Company Maintenance Plan

company maintenance plan Only R99 per month

This package includes:

Please note that our minimum Maintenance Plan agreement is 12 months and it does not include the costs related to any previous outstanding annual returns you might have at CIPC. We can assist you with outstanding returns with this service.

Did you know, companies who aren’t actively trading in SA still need to submit specific paperwork to stay CIPC compliant and to keep your Company Registration active?


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How does the Company Maintenance Plan work?

1. We will cover any CIPC costs over the year.

We will cover all the CIPC costs related to changes in your Company Registration Documents. You can change your company’s name, its address, you can add or remove multiple directors and you can even transfer shares. We’ve got you covered, so you can freely change your paperwork when your business changes.

2. We remind you when your annual CIPC paperwork is due and we will administer it on your behalf.

Once every year, your dedicated consultant will collect information from you to keep your company compliant with the CIPC’s annual requirements. This includes:

● Your estimated turn-over figures, if you’re not trading yet this would be R0.
● The current address of your company.

Kindly note that there are two instances where we don’t include all your costs: when your company’s turnover (sales) had been more than R1 million in any 12 months cycle. In these cases, we will offer you a quote, depending on the CIPC’s requirements.

3. We will store all your paperwork securely online to simplify CIPC and other company administration.

We have a sophisticated online system that is specifically designed for South African entrepreneurs. This system allows you to store, track and manage all your company administration on one digital platform.

4. We assign a dedicated business expert to your account.

Whether you have a question in CIPC compliance, Tax or Tender Compliance, your dedicated consultant is always available to support you and to walk you through the next steps in your business.


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Why do you have to renew your Company Registration every year?

The act of submitting your Annual Return to the CIPC is seen as an indication that your company is still trading, or has the intention to trade in the future. Technically you do not renew your Company Registration, but you rather confirm it with the submission of your Annual Returns to CIPC.

According to South African law, you have to submit your Annual Return if you wish to keep your Company registered and active on the CIPC’s records.

What does the CIPC do?

The CIPC is an acronym for the Companies and Intellectual Property Commission.

This commission administers 15 different parts of the law that relate to the regulation of corporate and intellectual property in South Africa. Corporate and Intellectual property includes companies. This is why the CIPC executes company registrations.

The CIPC is largely based on the Companies Act (2008).

If you sign up for one of our CIPC-related services, our company experts will represent you at the CIPC. Our team has been working with the CIPC since 2006.

What is a CIPC Annual Return?

The law requires every South Africa company to submit their Annual Return to the CIPC yearly within a specific period. The Annual Return includes submitting your company’s yearly turnover to the CIPC.

If you wish to keep your Company registered on the CIPC’s records, you must register your Company every year within the prescribed period. If you don’t, the CIPC assumes your company is no longer active, and they may start the deregistration process.

When are CIPC Annual Returns due?

Every company has a unique due date. Your first Annual Returns are due within 30 days after the first day your company is registered at the CIPC.

Every year thereafter, you need to submit your Annual Returns within one month of your CIPC registration date. If, for example, your company was registered on the 1st of March, it should be submitted every year on the 1st of April.

What happens if I don’t submit my Annual Returns at the CIPC?

If you neglect to submit your Annual Returns at the CIPC when it’s due, the commission may deregister your company.

Late submission can be made but penalty fees will apply.

If you do not submit your Annual Return, your company will be removed by the CIPC from its active records after a while. Legally this means your company will no longer be a Pty Company, it will stop existing as a legal entity.

Will I know if my company is deregistered at the CIPC?

The CIPC will send you notices to your registered business address that your company will soon be deregistered if you do not intervene promptly by submitting your outstanding annual returns.

Can you apply for Tenders if your company is dormant or non-trading?

Whether or not your company can apply for a specific Tender, Contract or RFQ depends on your paperwork.

We can help you fast-track these timeframes. Simply talk to one of our consultants. We offer every entrepreneur in South Africa a free business consultation.

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