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Being stuck behind a desk

Being stuck behind a desk Differences are what makes our world interesting. It also creates diversity in the products and services that are available to

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Holding Companies Explained

Holding Companies Explained Business magnates use it. Small family businesses use it and you can use it too. The structural advantages of Holding Structures (most

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Corporate Income Tax

Corporate Income Tax You can call it what you want, but corporate income tax is a sure part of our life. Every legal entity that

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Tourism in South Africa

Tourism in South Africa South Africa possesses a unique quality that keeps attracting tourists in the country. No matter what the circumstances in the country

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Wholesale and retail trade

Wholesale and retail trade The wholesale and retail trade sector in South Africa is the third largest contributor to the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) in

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Why register a 2015 Pty?

CIPC is allowing the Last 2015 Pty Registrations In South Africa’s economy the registration number of your Company is a massive factor of TRUST. When

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Managing your Company Budget

Managing your Company Budget The importance of a Company budget is very often overlooked. It is an important tool that businesses, as well as individuals

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CIPC Shelf Company

CIPC Shelf Company Shelf Company is a company that has already been registered. The term Shelf Company refers to a company that is symbolically sitting

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Determining your goals

Determining your goals Every entrepreneur should have set goals that they want to reach within a reasonable period. Without these goals, there will be nothing

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Get Creative

Get Creative Have you ever reached a place where you just feel demotivated? You wake up each morning, promising yourself that you are going to

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